Neglected Dog With Nails So Long He Couldn’t Walk Gets 2nd Chance Thanks to Heroic Rescuers

Craven was discovered in a dire state on the side of a road in Charlotte, NC. A rescuer, with over 5,000 dogs helped, considers this case as potentially the most severe they’ve encountered. Donations are being sought to support the treatments necessary for Craven’s healing and health recovery..

Neglected Dog With Nails So Long He Couldn't Walk

Rescuers Were Saddened by Craven’s Physical Appearance

At the end of March, an Animal Control officer found a male mixed breed dog named Craven who had been dumped along the side of the road. He was found curled up in a ball and unable to walk. While officers are used to seeing dogs in deplorable conditions, Craven’s condition was worse than they were accustomed to. A local news channel reported, “Authorities said they are not sure how long he has been abandoned, but they doubt he would have lived another day.”

Neglected Dog With Nails So Long He Couldn't Walk
Craven was found on the side of the road unable to walk.

Knowing that Craven would need specialized care, the officer notified Forgotten, Now Family Rescue to ask for help. A spokesperson for the rescue said, “I have seen the deepest darkest evil with the cases we work. Craven falls right into the category of horrors I’ve seen.” Craven was immediately taken to the rescue’s veterinarian for examination.

Craven Had Extensive Wounds and Showed Signs of Abuse

The veterinarian said that Craven weighed only 16 pounds and gave him a body condition score of 1, which meant that he was so severely undernourished and starving that his body was failing. “He’s been starved to the point of pain and suffering,” the rescuer said. His nails were overgrown and embedded in some areas, making it impossible for him to stand. Craven’s legs were covered in burns that had both bacterial and fungal infections.

Neglected Dog With Nails So Long He Couldn't Walk
Craven at his first vet visit.

Other medical issues that need to be addressed include anemia, heartworms, ear mites, fleas, and internal parasites.

Rescuers believe that Craven was likely kept in a place where he could not move freely because he does not know how to walk and instead Army crawls to get around. They are hopeful that he will learn to walk over time.

Neglected Dog With Nails So Long He Couldn't Walk
Craven’s nails were so overgrown he was unable to stand or walk.

But worse than all of his physical issues is Craven’s heartbreaking mental state. After his wounds were cleaned and he was fed, his rescuer joined him in his kennel to assess how he was doing. “Usually I’m met with sadness, anger, fear, or sheer joy that someone is there. Craven had nothing to give. He was only a shell.” The rescuer shared, “I sat waiting for any emotion, but there was nothing. I’ve rescued or aided in the rescue of over 5,000 animals and I’ve never seen this reaction.” They added, “I realized he was so used to being invisible and forgotten that now he just exists.”

Rescuers Are Asking For Community Support and Donations

Craven’s rescuer described him as the epitome of a forgotten animal and promised to make him a part of the rescue’s family until they can find him a permanent loving home. They estimate that it could take as long as a year for Craven to recover from the abuse and neglect he had endured his entire life.

Neglected Dog With Nails So Long He Couldn't Walk
Rescuers are optimistic that Craven will make a full recovery.

For more information about Craven, please contact Forgotten, Now Family Rescue or visit their website to donate to Craven’s care.

Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes stated that he is investigating this case of animal cruelty and plans to charge the owner responsible. He said he has zero tolerance for people who mistreat animals, and he is offering a cash reward for any information identifying the owner. If you have any relevant information, please call the Craven County Sheriff’s Office at (252) 636-6620.

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