Mama Dog’s 8 Puppies All Found Homes But this Mastiff is Still Waiting for Love 💔

Lola is a young Mastiff mix, already weighing over 100 pounds, in search of a family to call her own. With a tail that’s always wagging, her happy demeanor has made her a favorite among everyone she meets. Despite this, she has been waiting for her forever home for over five months

After giving birth to a litter of nine puppies in a shelter, her babies were quickly adopted, leaving her behind. Now she waits for a family to embrace her as eagerly as they did her puppies.

Lovebugs Rescue, in Orange County, CA, was notified about the mama dog, who had been surrendered to a local shelter and had nine puppies just weeks later. One of their foster volunteers, Kelly Hammons, decided to open her home to Lola and her puppies. 

Foster mom Kelly Hammons vividly remembers the day Lola arrived. “She seemed so happy to have her puppies in a safe home, and they all seemed to be doing well initially,” Kelly recalled. Tragedy struck early, however, when one pup was born with a cleft palate and lip, unable to feed properly, and passed away within days.  

Mama Dog Still Waiting after 150 Days

Despite the heartbreaking loss, Lola was a doting, nurturing mom to her remaining eight wiggling bundles. “We were all so worried this would be much more of an issue, and we’d have to bottle-feed 8 puppies. You can imagine our relief when she started feeling much better!” Kelly said.

**A Puppy Parent’s Resilience**

Mama Dog Still Waiting after 150 Days

Lola’s patience and resilience were tested in those first few weeks. She grew lethargic from the demands of nursing until a vet visit and fluids helped get her back on her paws. Once the pups hit 6 weeks old, it became clear playful, loving Lola was ready for a break from motherhood.  

Lovebugs relocated the rambunctious litter to other foster homes, and within weeks, each puppy found their forever family. Prospective parents lined up to adopt the adorable babies, but overlooked Lola.

Mama Dog Still Waiting after 150 Days

**Lola’s Next Chapter**

Now, months later, sweet Lola remains patiently waiting for her own happily-ever-after. As a young dog herself, she is eager to learn, loves snuggles and adventures with her people, and has so much affection to give a forever family.

“Lola absolutely loves to cuddle and wants to be a lap dog even though she’s 100 pounds!” Kelly chuckled. “Her favorite things are long walks, playing fetch, and car rides.”

Mama Dog Still Waiting after 150 Days

Like any puppy, Lola needs guidance and training. She has a tendency to counter-surf for snacks and experiences separation anxiety, likely from her previous abandonment. 

“She needs to learn she’ll never be abandoned again, and would do best with a family where someone is home most of the time,” Kelly advised.

After the immense love and care she showed her own puppies, Lola has more than earned the chance to be someone’s pampered baby herself. Could you be her forever family?

Those interested in adopting or fostering Lola can inquire at

Mama Dog Still Waiting after 150 Days

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