Mama Dog Spent Entire Life On Short Chain Birthing Puppies Until Rescuers Freed Her

Isabella, a beautiful mama dog, was trapped in a desperate situation. Despite having an owner and a home, she was subjected to unethical and excessive breeding for profit. Her living conditions were deplorable, with no access to fresh food or clean water. Concerned neighbors had been secretly providing food and water, but they knew Isabella’s condition would only worsen without intervention.

Mama Dog Spent Entire Life On Short Chain Birthing Puppies Until Rescuers Freed Her

The Happy Doggo  team, known for rescuing, feeding, and rehoming Thai street dogs, usually focuses on homeless dogs. However, upon hearing about Isabella’s plight, they knew they had to act. Their timely intervention brought much-needed relief to Isabella and her puppies. (watch the video below)

Chained Up, Bred For Profit & Living In Filth

Isabella and her puppies were living surrounded by trash and refuse. Even the outdoor areas were cramped, not that it mattered much for Isabella—she was always kept on a short chain. The chain stopped Isabella from moving freely in her home or with her puppies and was painful around her neck. According to the neighbors, Isabella had spent almost her entire life on that chain being continually bred to give her owners puppies to sell. 

Mama Dog Spent Entire Life On Short Chain Birthing Puppies Until Rescuers Freed Her

Horrifically, the puppies and Isabella were forced to live in their own waste—disgusting and a health hazard. It was obvious that owning Isabella was all about profit for her humans. She certainly wasn’t treated like a cherished pet. 

Negotiating Freedom For a Desperate Mama Dog

The Happy Doggo team stepped in and started to document Isabella’s story. Thanks to the friendly neighbor who was feeding Isabella, her puppies found foster and forever homes. But, everyone was worried that, with the puppies rehomed, Isabella would be bred again before they could find a way to rescue her. 

@happydoggoniall This gorgeous girl has been tied up on an incredibly short chain for her entire life, used for breeding. This is her story of freedom and her new life… ⛓️ Beautiful Isabella has been chained up since she was three months old, made to have puppies at just a year old herself. ❌ We can’t go into too much detail but because she was on private property, we couldn’t just take her. 💧 She’d only managed to survive because kind locals had been sneaking her food and water. The conditions she was living in were terrible and local authorities had to get involved to get her free. You can see how delighted she was to have her freedom. Now she’s with us at Happy Doggo land and the rest of her life starts here. Her puppies have also found homes where they’ll be loved and looked after. Lovely Isabella will never need to go back to that place again 🥰 Isabella would not have made it were it not for the help of a kind local feeder and concerned locals. They were able to bring in food and water on a regular basis to keep er alive. They were also able to take the puppies away and find them homes. Getting Isabella herself released was not easy and took a lot of negotiation and help in the background where both Samui Street Dogs and Bern from @soidogfoundationofficial were intrumental. It takes an army to save a dog 🙌🏽 #streetdog #rescuedog #dogrescue #dogs ♬ Fix You – 𝐏𝐌𝐕

The authorities had to get involved, and Happy Doggo contacted several other rescue teams for support including Samui Street Dogs and the Soi Dog Foundation. Even though Isabella was in danger she was also on private property, and they couldn’t just go grab her without facing legal problems. 

Mama Dog Spent Entire Life On Short Chain Birthing Puppies Until Rescuers Freed Her

Nevertheless, rescuers were determined to bring Isabella to freedom; they didn’t let the many hurdles they had to jump over stop them. Negotiations with Isabella’s owners were long and hard, but eventually, they agreed to do the right thing and surrender this sweet mama dog. 

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Finally Free: Isabella Learns What Love Feels Like

Even after life on a chain, Isabella is so loving, playful, and social! Delighted to be off her chain and exploring the rest of the world, Isabella barely showed any hesitation when she was finally rescued. 

Mama Dog Spent Entire Life On Short Chain Birthing Puppies Until Rescuers Freed Her

Now, Isabella is a gentle, loving, playful dog finally enjoying life! Isabella probably didn’t have a very long puppyhood, but she’s making up for lost time by playing with lots of toys, snuggling with humans, and enjoying all the treats she can get in Happy Doggo world.

For now, Isabella will stay with the Happy Doggo team, so keep an eye on the Happy Doggo TikTok account for more updates on this mama dog with a new lease on life!

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