This Homeless Dog’s Reaction to Thanksgiving Dinner Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

The Heart Behind Barksgiving

Every Thanksgiving, my heart aches for the countless homeless dogs out there, many of whom don’t even get a meal on this day of gratitude. I’m a pet chef and understand what’s healthy for dogs so I decided to create a special Thanksgiving meal just for them. With the help of my team we set out to make this Thanksgiving one that these special dogs will remember. This is the story of Barksgiving, a day where we give back to those who give us unconditional love all year round.

Homeless Dog's Reaction to Thanksgiving Dinner

The Barksgiving Spread

But what exactly is on the Barksgiving menu? In my bakery, we craft meals that sell out incredibly fast each year. We’re talking about delectable little pot pies, savory pumpkin pies, and even wholesome cornbread—all made with love and pet-safe ingredients. These are the Barksgiving meals that have tails wagging and mouths watering. And the best part? You can bring this celebration to your furry friend at home. Our bakery offers these special meals for sale, so no pup has to miss out on a Thanksgiving feast. Check out Barksgiving.

Meeting Our Furry Guests

Homeless Dog's Reaction to Thanksgiving Dinner

Let me introduce you to our guests of honor. Each dog at our table has a story that tugs at the heartstrings. There’s Big Mamma, who’s starting a new chapter with a name of her own—Fiona. Tonka, whose eyes are filled with hope for a family to call his own. And Goliath, the gentle giant who’s learning what it feels like to be full and content. These dogs, and many more, are the reason we celebrate Barksgiving.

A Culinary Celebration for Canines

Together with Tye, we’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, preparing fresh mashed potatoes and a special gravy made with bone broth and turmeric. It’s a feast designed to delight the canine palate and provide the nutrition they need. As we serve each dog, we see the difference a meal made with care can make. It’s a reminder of the simple joys in life and the impact of giving back.

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Homeless Dog's Reaction to Thanksgiving Dinner

The Joy of a Name

One of the day’s most touching moments was bestowing Big Mamma with her very own name, Fiona. It’s more than a name; it’s an identity, a new beginning, and a sign that she’s loved and valued. As she responds to her new name, we’re reminded of the power of recognition and belonging.

Bringing Barksgiving Home

Homeless Dog's Reaction to Thanksgiving Dinner

For those who want to share the Barksgiving spirit with their beloved pets, our bakery has you covered. Our Barksgiving meals are a hit every year, and we encourage you to order early to ensure your dog doesn’t miss out on the celebration.

A Day to Remember

Homeless Dog's Reaction to Thanksgiving Dinner

As Barksgiving comes to a close, we’re left with full hearts and hopeful spirits. Our dream is that each of these dogs finds a forever home where they can enjoy many more Barksgivings to come. And as we clean up the happy mess left behind, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve, to love, and to celebrate the unconditional bond between humans and their canine companions.

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