This Sweet Dog Was Discovered Shivering In A Storage Unit, Now Finds Comfort Through Simple Acts Of Kindness

It was just another day at the shelter when this little guy, Chewie as we later named him, came into our lives. He was a bundle of nerves, understandably so, having just arrived in this unfamiliar place. I remember thinking how he resembled a tiny Muppet, with his unkempt fur and curious eyes peering out from under it. (watch full video above)

I’ve learned that sometimes all these animals need is a bit of comfort and a friendly presence. That’s what I aimed to provide for Chewie. Settling down beside him, I couldn’t help but notice his initial hesitation. Yet, there was a glimmer of curiosity in his eyes.

Chewie’s Untold Story

As I sat with him, trying to coax him out of his shell, I couldn’t help but wonder about his journey. How did such a sweet dog end up here? Alexis, our producer and an animal care specialist, shed some light on his backstory. Found wandering in a self-storage facility, Chewie’s origins were a mystery. Was he abandoned during a move, or did he wander off and get lost? His well-kept teeth suggested he wasn’t on his own for long, and likely pretty young.

Alexis said that he unfortunately didn’t have a microchip and he came in without a collar. This highlights the importance of getting your dog microchipped. If we had that we would immediately call his owners.

Building Trust One Treat at a Time

The simple act of offering Chewie a treat turned into a pivotal moment in our bonding process. As I extended my hand with a small treat, Chewie was initially hesitant, yet his curiosity eventually won over. It reminded me of how a small gesture can open doors to new friendships. “It’s kind of like if someone were to offer me a cupcake,” I mused, “I would immediately be their friend.” This analogy wasn’t just about the treat itself but the intention behind it – an offering of trust and friendship.

Watching Chewie take the treat, I knew we had crossed a significant barrier. This was more than just feeding; it was a moment of connection, a step towards building trust and understanding with this little guy.

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Seeking Comfort in a New Friend

This session of ‘Sitting with Dogs‘ is about offering emotional support to Chewie, who was navigating a world of unknowns. As Kelly pointed out, “These moments of love can be pivotal for shelter dogs.” It was evident in the way Chewie slowly warmed up, inching closer, seeking affection.

The Breed Guessing Game

One of the intriguing questions that arose was about Chewie’s breed. Viewers online were curious too, chiming in with their guesses. As I examined his features and fur, I speculated aloud, “He might be a Brussels Griffon mix, perhaps with some terrier.” The shelter had listed him as a terrier mix, but his unique appearance suggested a blend of breeds. Alexis agreed, mentioning the possibility of Shih Tzu in his lineage, given his facial structure. This guessing game was more than just about identifying his breed; it was about understanding Chewie better, connecting with him on a deeper level.

A Name for a New Beginning

The task of naming Chewie brought the community together. Suggestions ranged from Bruce, Wooki to Chewie, the latter capturing his adorable essence perfectly. It was a significant step, giving him an identity, a new start.

Chewie’s Current Status: Awaiting a Forever Home

As of now, Chewie is in the care of Animal Friends of the Valleys, awaiting his forever home. There’s a mandatory hold period to allow his potential family to claim him. However, if they don’t come forward, Chewie will be up for adoption. We are hopeful that either his family finds him or a loving new home awaits him. The community has shown immense support, and we’re optimistic about Chewie’s future. His story is a testament to the resilience of shelter animals and the power of compassionate care.

A Parting Thought

As I bid farewell to Chewie after our session, his transformation was a reminder of the difference a little love and care can make. Whether reuniting with his old family or finding a new one it reinforces our mission to provide these animals with the love and care they deserve until they find their forever homes.

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