This Snaggletooth Brussels Griffon Lost His Mom, His Home & Even His Name. Then This Happened

A Heartbreaking Beginning

What happens to your dog when you pass? This question haunted me as I met Peter, a 3 ½-year-old male Brussels Griffon mix. His story began when he was found running stray, a situation far from ideal for such a small breed. Animal Control picked him up, and a call to the number on his collar revealed a tragic twist. Peter had lost his human mom. The story was even more heart-wrenching when I learned that the relatives who took him in didn’t even know his name, referring to him simply as “little white dog.”

Peter - The Brussels Griffon

Lost and Found

Alexis shared the details of Peter’s tumultuous journey. The subsequent investigation revealed the sad truth: his owner had passed away, and he was left with someone who barely knew him. Despite the confusion surrounding his past, one thing was clear: Peter had been neglected and was now waiting for a new home.

Marks of Survival

Peter - The Brussels Griffon

Peter’s physical scars told a story of survival. While some might assume he was a victim of dog fights, it’s more likely he faced threats from wildlife while fending for himself. Despite his traumatic past, Peter’s spirit remained unbroken, hinting at the love he once received from his human mom.

The Naming Game

Sharyl, the Volunteer Coordinator at the shelter, affectionately named him Peter, a name that seemed to fit him perfectly. As I interacted with him, his skittish nature was evident, but so was his endearing snaggle tooth and his yearning for affection.

A Battle for Peter’s Heart

Peter - The Brussels Griffon

Both Cheryl and Kim, another staff member, expressed interest in adopting Peter. Their playful banter about who would get to take him home added a touch of light-heartedness to his story.

A New Beginning

In a twist of fate, neither Cheryl nor Kim became Peter’s new family. Instead, he found love with another family who renamed him Cooper. His story serves as a reminder of the importance of having a plan for our pets, ensuring they’re cared for even when we’re no longer around.

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