Hungry Golden Retriever Steals the Show By Chowing Down on Hot Dog During Baseball Game

Pet ownership has been steadily increasing among families, couples, and individuals over the last several decades, so it’s only natural that people want to bring their pets with them when they go out and about. Plenty of small businesses and restaurants are taking the hint, but professional sports teams are following in their footsteps, too.

Hungry Golden Retriever Steals the Show By Chowing Down on Hot Dog During Baseball Game

Many Major League Baseball teams have been integrating a ‘Bark in the Park’ night into their schedules to allow fans to bring along their furry friends for one night only. As you can imagine, this is a hit with the fans who attend and those who get to sneak a peek on TV. And that’s because of moments like this one from Dash, the hot dog-loving dog from Seattle! He chowed down on a hot dog at a recent Mariner’s game without a care in the world, and he had no idea that ESPN caught the classic ballpark moment on film, too!

@espn Mood 😂 #baseball #gooddog #hotdog #dogsoftiktok @ESPNatbat ♬ original sound – ESPN

LOL! I’m not sure who enjoyed that more–the Golden Retriever or the announcers! Clearly, the men in the ESPN booth are dog people, but it would take a truly unexpressive person not to at least smile watching this guy scarfing down a Mariner Dog. A happy dog is irresistible!

Commenters were equally amused by the announcers guessing that he found the hot dog himself, and it’s easy to see why. This isn’t a sight you’d see every day! He took the whole thing in practically one bite. He totally stole that hot dog, right?

Wrong! Not long after ESPN caught the moment in real-time, the hungry dog’s owner posted their point of view of the meal on the pup’s TikTok account, @therealdashdog.

@therealdashdog It’s @Seattle Mariners Bark at the Park Night & you know I’m gonna chomp into a Mariner Dog! ⚾️🐾🌭 #GoMariners #tridentsup #dog #dogs #hotdog #hotdogs #barkatthepark #barkatthepark #mariners #weratedogs @weratedogs ♬ Hot Dog – Elvis Presley

Now that’s one happy dog! It’s impressive that he held it in his mouth long enough to pose for a picture before excitedly scarfing it down. Golden Retrievers are pros at holding things in their mouths, but few dogs can resist the allure of such tasty food!

Can (and Should) Dogs Eat Hot Dogs?

When I took a closer look at the hot dog, I could understand why the announcers thought he stole it. Not only was the entire thing in his mouth–for the perfect photo op, of course–but it had ketchup and mustard on it, too. Wouldn’t a hot dog be plain when feeding it to a dog?

Hungry Golden Retriever Steals the Show By Chowing Down on Hot Dog During Baseball Game

Technically, yes! While a small amount of ketchup or mustard is unlikely to harm a dog’s health, they contain ingredients like sugar, salt, spices, and even preservatives that can harm your dog’s digestive health. Some ingredients, like the artificial sweetener xylitol, can even be fatal if consumed in significant amounts. Fortunatley, xylitol is generally only found in low-calorie or sugar-free food options.

Bread is generally safe for dogs, as are most cooked meats (as long as there’s no seasoning). Considering that this hot dog is a rare treat for the four-legged baseball fan, it should be fine! And when you get to give your dog a priceless moment of fun and indulgence, it’s worth every penny of the expensive ballpark dog.

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