Would You Sleep in Human Dog Bed?

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We know that dogs love sleeping in our human beds—in fact, studies show that anywhere between 45% to half of all dog owners enjoy sharing their bed with their pup. But what if we could sleep in their bed for a change? 

Human-Sized Dog Bed
Source: @WeArePlufl

There’s a new furniture trend that’s setting out to let us do just that! A company called Plufl has started making the ultimate dog lover’s furniture: human-sized dog beds! This giant dog bed for humans looks and feels just like your dog’s cozy, comfortable bed…but better.

Who Makes Human Dog Beds

The company that makes the brand new dog bed for humans is Plufl. Plufl is a startup that was featured on Shark Tank and has begun to manufacture the very first dog bed for humans. 

The Plufl was invented to “revolutionize napping with a cozy, comfortable, high-quality product where you can rest, recharge, and rejuvenate whenever and wherever you want.” But pet parents know that this bed isn’t just about napping comfortably– it’s about sharing space with your dog. 

Because, let’s be honest, you can nap on a couch. You can nap on a beanbag. You can nap on a human bed. But only in a giant dog bed for humans can you really, truly understand just how great it is to nap like a dog. If you’ve ever seen your dog curl up all comfy and cozy and take what looks like the greatest nap of his life, and you’ve wanted that for yourself, the ultimate dog nap is now in reach.

What Makes A Human Dog Bed Awesome?

The Plufl bed comes with a lot of deluxe features that might sound familiar– because these same features are found on the best dog beds! The Plufl bed features a thick, orthopedic memory foam base that uses mattress-grade materials. The mattress is surrounded by a deep plush pillow bolster that will cradle your head and neck to alleviate tension. Dogs and humans alike love bolsters; they provide support and a sense of security, especially for dogs. Your human-sized dog bed is the perfect den to share!

Human-Sized Dog Bed

Another awesome feature of the human dog beds is how roomy they are. There’s enough room to sprawl out and stretch. If you feel like snuggling, the giant dog bed for humans can fit a couple of people and at least a couple of dogs. 

The outside of the bed is covered by an ultra-soft faux fur cover that zips off for easy cleaning. You can throw the cover right in your washing machine! The bed folds in half and has straps for easy storage and transport. 

Human-Sized Dog Bed

While these giant-sized dog beds have only been available for a short time, they’re a huge hit with humans and dogs alike. There are a lot of reasons for this!

  • The beds are super soft and comfortable, making them the perfect place to nap for humans (and dogs).
  • The bolstered pillows provide plenty of support, making them a good place to read or hang out when you’re at home. 
  • People see other people and their pets enjoying these beds on social media, and they want to spoil their pets with a giant dog bed, too.
  • The idea of sleeping in a giant dog bed is just plain silly and fun to people!

How To Use A Human Dog Bed

It couldn’t be easier to use a giant dog bed for humans! All you have to do is lay it on the floor or other flat surfaces. You could even put it on your own bed if you want more mattress support but don’t want to unmake your bed just for a nap. You can rest your head anywhere on the outer bolster, or add a pillow for additional support. Don’t forget a blanket… and of course, your furry friend. Or friends– the Plufl bed is 68 inches (172 cm) long and 33 inches (82 cm) wide, so it’s likely that you could fit several dogs in there with you. (For reference, this is just slightly smaller than a twin mattress, which is 75 inches long and 38 inches wide.)

Are These Giant Dog Beds For Humans Or For Dogs?

While Plufl markets its product as a dog bed for humans, a quick look at Plufl on social media reveals the truth: these are for people and for dogs! 

Human-Sized Dog Bed
Source: @WeArePlufl

Here’s one of  Plufl’s founders snuggling with a friendly furball in a Plufl bed!

Human-Sized Dog Bed
Source: @WeArePlufl

What’s better than hanging out in a giant dog bed at the Plufl office? Hanging out in a giant dog bed with your dog!

Human-Sized Dog Bed
Source: @AmazingGracieDoodle

Even Santa can’t resist hanging out with Gracie the Doodle in a giant human-sized dog bed!

Human-Sized Dog Bed
Source: @FidoseOfReality

A human dog bed is just the right size for Alvin the American Cocker Spaniel!

Human-Sized Dog Bed
Source: @BonoSnowDog

Giant dog beds are better when shared with a friend– just ask Bono and his hedgehog! 

Human-Sized Dog Bed FAQ

Curious about human dog beds? Thinking about getting a human dog bed of your own? We don’t blame you! Here are some of the questions that people have about the Plufl dog bed for humans.

Do They Make Human-Sized Dog Beds?

Yes! If you’ve ever wanted to curl up with your pup in their cozy bed, the wait is over. You can get a giant dog bed that will fit both of you.

What Are Human Dog Beds Called?

Plufl refers to their products as “Plufl,” “dog beds for humans,” and “human-sized dog beds.” You can call it whatever you like! 

Where Can I Buy A Plufl Bed?

Right now, you can only buy a Plufl on Plufl’s website. They come in two colors, Biscuit, and Arctic Gray. Any other giant human dog bed is a knockoff or may even be a scam, and might not be made with the same high-quality, supportive materials.  When you’re shopping for a human dog bed, Amazon, Costco, Wayfair, or any other retailer does not carry the same giant dog bed that Plufl makes. Plufl also does not have any brick-and-mortar retail presence; the only way to get one is by shopping for it online.

How Much Does A Plufl Cost?

Currently, the Plufl is $399, with free shipping anywhere in the United States. If you want a biscuit-colored human dog bed, it will ship within a few days of ordering; however, right now, the gray Plufl is on backorder and is expected to ship in mid-April 2023. 

Will Sleeping In A Giant Dog Bed Hurt My Back?

Sleeping on the floor might not sound like the best time at first– but when you sleep in a human-sized dog bed, you aren’t sleeping directly on the floor. You’re sleeping on a thick, supportive memory foam mattress. 

Can I Get A Human-Sized Dog Bed At Costco? 

Not exactly. A couple of years ago, one of Costco’s giant floor pillows went viral, and people compared it to a dog bed. While a giant pillow is also super comfy, it doesn’t have the bolsters or faux fur covering that makes the Plufl really look like a giant dog bed. It’s a good option for snuggling, but it isn’t intentionally designed to be a dog bed for humans. 

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