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We love our dogs, and we take them everywhere! That’s why I’m always looking for products that will make our pups’ lives easier, safer, and more engaging.

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As more people ditch their cars, bikes are becoming an increasingly popular transportation method. They’re amazing for people, but they’re not as accommodating for dogs. To rectify this situation, inventors have created bike baskets for pooches! These handy add-ons allow bikers to take their pups with them on their journeys, and they’re much safer than trying to handle a leash while riding a bike.

Top 6 Bike Baskets for Dogs Overview

If you’re looking for a quick answer for which is the best bike basket for your dog, we don’t have an answer….we have six!

Award ImageProductPrice
Best DesignPetcute Bike Basket$45.99
Easiest to Use
Lixada Bike Basket$25.99
Least Expensive
ZIMFANQI Bike Basket for Dogs$23.99
Most Expensive
PetSafe Happy Ride Wicker Basket$99.99
Most Highly Reviewed
COFIT Detachable Bike Bag$28.99
BABEYER 4-Door Bike Basket$65.99

The Best Design: Petcute’s Bike Basket

The Best Design: Petcute’s Bike Basket

With its padded interior, secure safety straps, spacious side pockets, and stylish canvas exterior, the Petcute Bike Basket for Dogs is the top pick for best design. This basket is a multifunctional wonder!

The product is best suited for smaller dogs, and 12 pounds or less is the ideal weight. While this leaves little room for larger dogs, the bag makes up for its shortcomings with its side pouches and add-on strap. It functions well as a bike basket, over-the-shoulder bag, and car seat.

The Easiest to Use: Lixada Bike Basket

Lixada Bike Basket for dogs

With its soft fabric exterior, the Lixada Bike Basket is for small dogs. However, this stylish pick is perfect for on-the-go dog parents. Its light aluminum frame encircles the upper portion of the basket, giving its four connection points plenty of strength.

Don’t let all those connections fool you, though! This is an ultra-simple bike basket. 1,500 reviewers are praising its ease of use. A single, strong mounting bracket is attached to the handlebars with four screws. Afterward, users attach the buckle and insert the bag into the provided slot!

Least Expensive: ZIMFANQI Bike Basket

ZIMFANQI Bike Basket - Bike Baskets for Dogs

At $23.99, the ZIMFANQI Bike Basket for Dogs is a great option for tight budgets. It’s a durable fabric bag with a sturdy frame, and users love its durability.

This basket is intended for small dogs, as its aluminum frame may bend under the weight of larger pups. Users have noted that it is sturdy once installed, although its instructions can be somewhat confusing.

Nevertheless, this is great value for your money!

Most Expensive: PetSafe Wicker Bike Basket

PetSafe Wicker Bike Basket - Bike Baskets for Dogs

It may be expensive, but the PetSafe Wicker Bike Basket is the perfect option for pampered pups. Its wicker construction fits perfectly with any style of bike, and the kit includes a wonderful detachable sun shield.

This option supports up to 13 pounds and comes with all of the necessary safety harnesses, straps, and mounting equipment. Users love its design, although its safety requires a fair bit of assembly before mounting. However, the end result is incredibly strong.

Most Highly Reviewed: COFIT Detachable Bag

COFIT Detachable Bag - Bike Baskets for Dogs

Small dogs will love the COFIT Detachable Bike Bag, and 3,800 reviewers adore this stylish bike basket. With its fabric construction and lightweight frame, COFIT’s bike basket works well for small dogs up to 11 pounds. The design includes multiple thoughtful features, including side pouches, handles, and zipper pockets.

For pups, the bag is the full package. It’s a safe and comfortable way for dogs to ride a bike. A non-slip mat covers the floor of the basket, ensuring that pups have a firm and rip-proof way to hang on while they’re speeding down the road.

The Safest: BABEYER Expandable 4-Door Bike Basket

It can take some time for dogs to get used to sitting still in a bike basket, and even after plenty of practice, some pups still get over-excited when they pass another dog, a squirrel, or a person who wants to pet them. To keep your dog extra safe, consider a bike basket that allows you to completely enclose your dog, like the BABEYER Expandable 4-Door Bike Basket

Featuring an ingenious design, this bike basket for dogs is designed to be used whenever your dog needs a safe place to travel. Mount to the handlebars of your bike, use as a car seat, carry as a traditional over-the-shoulder dog carrier or wear as a backpack. The top of this basket can be left zipped to keep your dog extra safe, or unzipped so they can stick their head out while they ride. 

Regardless of what you may need for your pup, don’t forget to do your research!

My mission is to give every pup the safest, fullest life possible. That’s why I’m always updating my blog with more recommendations and amazing pup-safe products!

Remember: The most important thing to consider when you’re purchasing anything for your dog is safety!

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