Top 5 Rated Heavy Duty Dog Crates

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A crate is one of the most important items to have as a dog owner. Crates are a good way to keep pups calm during storms, unpredictable situations, during time at home alone, and even on long car rides. However, like most things, no two crates are made the same.

When purchasing a crate, you want to look for something that is perfectly sized for your dog. Your pup should have enough room to move around without feeling cramped, but they shouldn’t be able to move around so much that they’ll get hurt. You also want something that is durable, easy to break down and move, and equipped with safety features.

To help you find the right heavy-duty crate for your pup, we’ve combed through the internet and found five to recommend. All of these crates are durable and high quality, and well-reviewed by dog parents who love their four-legged friends just as much as you do!

The Top 5 Dog Crates that We Love!

CrateWhy We Love ItPrice
1. Midwest Homes’ iCrateAvailable in multiple sizesBudget-friendlyEasy to storeFoldableSimple to use$44.08–$95.99
2. Ultima Pro Dog CrateAvailable in multiple sizesBudget-friendlyEasy to storeFoldableSimple to use$53.99–$146.99
3. AmazonBasics’ Heavy Duty Stackable

DurableEasy to moveHeavy-dutyStackable$150.36–$293.75
5. AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog CrateDurableEasy to moveEscape-proof!Heavy-dutySafe for any pup$230.99–$359.99
6. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog CrateDurableEasy to moveEscape-proof!Heavy-dutySafe for any pup$289.99–$369.99

1. Midwest Homes iCrate

First on our list of amazing crates is Midwest Homes’ iCrate. The iCrate is available in multiple sizes. At the low end of its scale is its 18-inch crate, which costs $44.08. The largest available size is the 48-inch option, which costs $95.99. All of the available sizes also let you further customize the crate by picking a single or double door.

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With a rating of 4.7/5 stars, it’s obvious that people are loving their iCrate. Reviewers are eager to point out how easy the crate is to assemble and disassemble, and it’s a great and affordable option, which is why it’s the first on our list.

However, reviewers have noted that this crate is not suitable for extremely strong dogs, or skilled escape. As with all crates, it should never be used for pups without adequate crate training.

2. Ultima Pro Dog Crate

Next on our list is the Ultima Pro brand dog crate. Like the iCrate, this is a great budget-friendly choice. Available in 5 sizes (24, 30, 36, 42, and 48-inches), the Ultima Pro Dog Crate costs $53.99–$146.99.

Reviewers love the easy assembly and breakdown process, how simple it is to get dogs in and out, and how portable it is, even though it’s large. With a few zip ties, owners have managed to create fairly strong crates with this basic kit, and many recommend it for its sturdiness.

However, this crate also fails to contain particularly strong pups. Clever escape artists can and have escaped this model, so you should always weigh the cost against the performance of a crate. Again, this crate is not recommended for dogs without crate training.

3. AmazonBasics’ Heavy Duty Crate

Our next option is starting to leave the “budget-friendly” category, but its cost is well deserved. Weighing in at $150.36–$293.75, the AmazonBasics brand Heavy Duty Stackable Crate is pretty pricey. There are three sizes of this hefty crate available: 36, 42, and 48-inches. As the name suggests, this crate can be stacked with others of its type, which makes it handy for keeping multiple dogs, as long as they are well trained and not likely to make a fuss. 

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Despite its sturdy appearance, reviewers say that this cart-style crate is fairly easy to collapse and store. It will, of course, be a bit tougher to disassemble than our first two options, but that’s part of its heavy-duty appeal.

As far as drawbacks go, most of the complaints revolve around defective products. Some users have received crates with loose doors and bent bars. Should this happen to you, don’t be afraid to call Amazon directly! They’ll be able to get everything sorted out.

4. AGESISI Dog Crate

As the price of our list rises, so, too, does the quality. The AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog Crate has a design that’s fairly similar to the AmazonBasics model, but it’s a bit more rounded. This modern setup makes it more pleasing to look at. Even if you don’t care about the aesthetics of this crate, you might be swayed by its breakout-proof design! Available in 38, 42, and 48-inch models, the AGESISI dog crate is $230.99–$359.99.

With 4/5 stars on Amazon, this crate really lives up to its name. Reviewers love its thick, sturdy build. Many buyers have struggled with crafty Houdini pups for some time, but they all adore the AGESISI crate.

If you’re eyeing up this option, however, be aware that it’s made to stay! The AGESISI crate isn’t easy to disassemble, and many users suggest that its collapsable features aren’t very intuitive. Some users have noted that the plastic flooring is a bit too tough for their pups to comfortably lay down, which means that you may need to find a soft liner to put inside.

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5. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate

The last crate on our list is the LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate. Like the AGESISI cage, this pick is on the pricier end. However, you’re paying for a high-quality product. Available in three sizes (38, 42, and 44-inches), this crate is $289.99–$369.99.

Buyers have given this amazing crate 4.7/5 stars, and they’ve backed that rating up with plenty of glowing reviews. Users love how sturdy this crate is, and its thick bars keep pups from chewing their way through to freedom or potentially getting hurt on broken bars. The same thick bars also make it safer for pups of all sizes, as they’re less likely to slip through tiny gaps. Like the AGESISI crate, many reviewers have struggled to contain their canine escape artists, and this pricey crate was their last line of defense.

The LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Crate has few complaints, and many of them surround defective products. Some users have also reported receiving kits with missing pieces. Should you receive a broken or dented product, be sure to contact Amazon! They’ll help you fix the problem.

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