German Shepherd Sees Snow For First Time After Being Chained Up Entire Life 🥹

In a heartening tale that underscores the transformative power of love and care, one dog named Hershel, affectionately known as Bear, embarks on an extraordinary journey from a life of neglect to a newfound world of joy. In the heart of this story lies not only the touching narrative of Hershel’s Dog’s Day Out but also a testament to the resilience of animals and the impactful efforts of a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference.

Chained Up German Shepherd

A Chance Encounter with Bear

Rocky Kanaka, the driving force behind this heartwarming initiative, introduces us to Bear, a dog who had known little but hardship for the first five years of his life. Found in a state of neglect, chained in a backyard, Bear’s teeth bore the scars of his desperate attempts to break free. Despite being abandoned and returned to the shelter twice, Bear’s fate was forever altered by the intervention of Found Animals and Adopt & Shop, a non-profit organization committed to improving animals’ lives.

Chained Up German Shepherd

Rocky’s Involvement and Hershel’s Transformation

Rocky Kanaka’s mission is clear: to give Bear the best day he’s ever had, replacing the chains and neglect with love and joy. The journey begins with a trip to Big Bear, California, where Bear is introduced to a world of snow, creating moments of pure exhilaration. This is the start of Dog’s Day Out, a journey meticulously designed to replace Bear’s painful past with joyful experiences.

A Bear in the Snow

Chained Up German Shepherd

Amidst the snow-covered landscape of Big Bear, Bear revels in the simple pleasure of running free. Fetch becomes an adventure, and even making snow angels takes on new meaning. Rocky’s commitment is evident, despite the cold and wet, as he wholeheartedly embraces Bear’s newfound delight in the snow. The icy escapade lays the foundation for the day ahead.

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The Journey Continues: Embracing Love and Compassion

Chained Up German Shepherd

Bear’s journey takes a heartwarming turn as he encounters the town’s resident greeter, Luke. But the most remarkable chapter is about to unfold—Rocky’s ingenious idea of offering free bear hugs to passersby, using large teddy bears as companions. While Bear may not be tied by chains anymore, his past has left an emotional imprint that Rocky aims to heal.

Love and Healing Through Bear Hugs

Chained Up German Shepherd

The plan to offer free bear hugs creates an immediate impact. Passersby can’t resist Bear’s charm, stopping in their tracks to share a moment of connection. The power of these interactions lies in the fact that Hershel—the gentle giant—becomes the preferred choice for these heartfelt hugs. The initiative not only showcases Bear’s affectionate nature but also aims to break stereotypes surrounding larger dogs like him.

A Journey of Patience and Love

Bear’s week-long journey with Rocky reveals the resilience and affection he possesses. The scars of his past may be evident in his occasional panic attacks and need for exercise, but his capacity for love shines through. Rocky’s commitment is unwavering as he strives to create positive impressions that reflect Bear’s true essence.

Chained Up German Shepherd

From trying on outfits to savoring peanut butter and a specially crafted cake, Bear’s Dog’s Day Out is a resounding success. With each adventure, Bear’s spirit continues to shine brighter. Rocky’s mission, supported by friends and partners, offers Bear a day that reflects his true worth.


Bear’s journey, from neglect to a day of love and joy, serves as a testament to the impact of compassion and the strength of animals to overcome adversity. Through Rocky Kanaka’s initiative, Bear’s story becomes an inspiration, showcasing the potential for positive change and second chances for animals in need. As we embrace the heartwarming moments shared in Hershel’s Dog’s Day Out, we’re reminded of the profound bond that can form between humans and animals and the potential for transformation that lies within every rescue story.

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