Chained-Up German Shepherd Screams Like a Human When He Sees Ocean for First Time!

The story of Herschel the German Shepherd is one of resilience, hope, and love. For the first five years of his life, Herschel was subjected to harsh living conditions. He spent a significant portion of his early years chained up in a backyard filled with dirt, with no opportunity for socialization or adequate care.

German Shepherd being chained up

Rescuers Discover Herschel’s Harsh Living Conditions

When rescuers discovered Herschel, they found that his teeth were severely worn down due to his desperate attempts to break free from the metal chain that bound him. Thankfully, Herschel’s previous owner did the right thing by surrendering him to Michelson Found Animals, a nonprofit animal rescue organization that provides care and medical attention to animals in need.

German shepherd being chained up

Struggles to Find a Permanent Home

Despite receiving the care and attention he so desperately needed, Herschel struggled to find a permanent home. Having spent most of his life chained up and without socialization, he found it difficult to adjust to new environments. Fortunately, Michelson Found Animals recognized that Herschel needed a dedicated and loving home, and they reached out to Rocky Kanaka, animal advocate and the host of the Dog’s Day Out show.

Herschel Captures the Hearts of The Internet

Herschel Captures the Heart of a Dog's Day Out Viewer

Rocky took Herschel out for a day of fun and adventure, spoiling him with delicious treats and introducing him to the joys of playing in the snow. Herschel’s infectious personality captured the heart of one of the show’s viewers, who decided to adopt him.

First Encounter with the Ocean

Rocky and Herschel traveled from Los Angeles to Washington State to deliver Herschel to his new forever-loving family, stopping at a beach along the way so that Herschel could experience the ocean for the first time. The sight of the vast expanse of water and the feel of the sand beneath his paws filled Herschel with pure excitement and joy, and he barked with delight.

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Rocky and Herschel

Herschel Finds a Happy Home

Herschel now lives a happy life with unlimited access to the ocean that he loves so much. Despite the difficulties he faced in his early years, Herschel has found a loving home where he can thrive and enjoy all the wonders that life has to offer. He is a testament to the resilience of animals and the power of love to heal even the most broken of hearts.

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