Foster Puppy’s Friendship With Adopted Dog is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Day

If we had to create a list of the most rewarding things in life, fostering a dog would be up there. I mean, what’s more satisfying than watching a once-helpless dog thrive in your home under your care? Even more soul-stirring is seeing your new foster pup getting along with the rest of your dogs as though they’ve known each other their entire life. 

Foster Puppy’s Friendship With Adopted Dog is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Day

Such is the case of Roo, a foster puppy who’s become an internet sensation after a video of her enviable friendship with one particular rescue dog in her foster home went viral. We’re pretty confident this video will do either of these two things: make you grab a couple of tissues for your teary eyes, or make you wish you had a Roo in your life (watch video below). 

Friendship Goals in 3D 

@kbevacqua Darwin seems to just be a therapy dog at this point. All of our fosters want his approval but this little girl seems to be taking to him even more than others. She seeks him out when its nap time so that she can curl up in his fur. It took a few days for him to warm up to the idea, but he is finally coming around. #foster #fosterpuppy #adoptme #adoptdontshop #dog #rescuedog ♬ A Summer Place – Hollywood Strings Orchestra

In a video uploaded to TikTok by Roo’s foster @kbevacqua, one can tell that Roo’s relationship with her foster’s Golden Retriever named Darwin is like no other. While there are other dogs in the home, Roo is particularly fond of Darwin (and has been from day one).

From the moment Roo stepped into her foster home, a bond between her and Darwin sparked, and it continues to grow stronger with every passing day. If these two aren’t snuggling together on the bed during nap time, they are romping in the yard or sunbathing in their favorite spot. 

Let’s just say, Roo and Darwin have become like two peas in a pod: inseparable. They’re constantly seeking out each other’s company, so wherever Roo is, expect to find Darwin there and vice versa.  

Foster Puppy’s Friendship With Adopted Dog is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Day

According to the videos posted by Roo’s foster, Roo was among several severely emaciated puppies found abandoned in a crate by North Carolina-based Perfectly Imperfect Pups Rescue. Her life took a turn for the better when she found a loving foster home that continues to show her what it means to be a treasured puppy.  Now, Roo is not only enjoying the simple pleasures of life in her foster home, but also basking in the warmth of the friendship she’s cultivated with her favorite furry sibling, Darwin. 

It’s no surprise that this heartwarming clip has racked up 19 million views and over 10K comments.

“My favorite thing about this is every clip she gets chubbier and chubbier,” read one comment.

“So adorable and beautiful to see animals taking care of each other! We have a lot to learn from them,” another added.

A third person hilariously wrote: “If you separate them, I will riot in the streets.”

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