Is Your Pet’s Future Secure? This Dog’s Story Is a Wake-Up Call

An 11-year-old mixed-breed dog named Chase is currently seeking a new home at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Texas. Chase’s situation highlights a common but often overlooked issue in pet ownership and estate planning.

The senior canine arrived at the shelter after his owner of eight years passed away. According to shelter reports, no arrangements had been made for Chase’s care in the event of his owner’s death, and with no one able to take him in, he was surrendered to the shelter system.

End-of-life planning isn’t something anyone wants to think about, but getting your affairs in order can save your loved ones months of stress and extra work. In addition to finalizing your will, paperwork for how you want your medical care handled, and sharing wishes for your celebration of life, there’s one important factor many people forget: their pets. 

Where will your pets go if you can no longer take care of them? Who will pay for their veterinary care and food? Is anyone you know willing and able to take your pets, or will they end up in a shelter if you pass away? 

Meet 11-Year-Old Mixed-Breed Chase

A handsome senior boy at 11 years old, Chase still has plenty of playfulness and love to give his next family! 

Help Chase Find a Home: A Senior Dog's Journey After Loss 

Chase is an undefined mixed breed and a big boy with markings that suggest he could be a Rottweiler mix. His former family says he is 100% house-trained and walks well on a leash. Because he’s a senior, Chase prefers a leisurely walk, but don’t expect him to be a couch potato the rest of the time—Chase loves toys and playing tug of war with his humans.

Chase is friendly with everyone he meets and is good with kids, but remember that he’s an older dog, and children in his new home should be respectful and gentle. Good with medium and large dogs, Chase can sometimes be a little dog-selective, and Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter doesn’t suggest adopting Chase if you have small dogs or small animals. 

Friendly, playful, and social, Chase is available through the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

Ensure Your Pets Are Cared For When You’re Gone

Did you know that estate planners can help you create legal and financial safety nets for your pets in the event you pass away? 

Help Chase Find a Home: A Senior Dog's Journey After Loss 

Protect your pets’ future by creating a trust on their behalf to continue paying for their veterinary bills and care even after you’re gone. Formally assign responsibility for who will overtake your pets’ care when you pass. Having your wishes for your pets put in writing before the hard decisions need to be made can give you and your loved ones peace of mind, and ensure your beloved pets are safely cared for until the end of their lives. 

If you live in or around Georgetown, Texas, and think Chase could be the perfect dog for you, fill out an adoption application and mention him by name or give him a visit at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter open every day from noon to 6 PM. 

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