Goldendoodle Wasn’t Supposed To Ever Walk Again…Then This Happened

In the realm of heartwarming stories, one special needs goldendoodle, Josh, has carved out a unique space, transforming from a surrendered pup into an inspirational figure and a symbol of hope, resilience, and positivity. His journey, which began with a surrender to a rescue organization, took a fortuitous turn when he was fostered, and subsequently adopted, by Kim Elliot, a seasoned rescuer.

Kim recalls the immediate bond that formed between them, “I looked at my husband and I’m like, he, he’s ours. He’s never leaving this house.” Despite his disabilities and initial fragility, Josh not only became a core member of his new family but also began to impact Kim in unexpected ways. “He has revealed this purpose within me that I didn’t know existed,” she shares.

Josh - Special Needs Dogs

Josh’s zest for life, despite his challenges, has touched numerous hearts, both within his local community and on social media platforms. His adventures, such as enjoying rides in his wagon pulled by George, the family’s Great Pyrenees, and his palpable joy in living each day to the fullest, have garnered him a following that often becomes emotional upon meeting him.

Kim likens the experience of being with Josh in public to being related to a celebrity, as people often become emotional, sometimes even bursting into tears, and always eager to capture a moment with the inspiring pup.

Josh - Special Needs Dogs

However, the journey with Josh extends beyond viral moments and social media fame. Kim, recognizing the deeper message behind Josh’s existence, established the Be Like Josh Foundation, aiming to spread a message of positivity, light, and change. The foundation has become a catalyst, not just in saving dogs but in altering perceptions about how dogs, especially those with disabilities, are valued.

Josh - Special Needs Dogs

Kim observes a shift towards acceptance and understanding in the community and beyond, noting, “I see more and more people taking chances on dogs with different abilities.” Josh’s tale is a gentle reminder that love, acceptance, and a little bit of understanding can indeed change the world, one wagging tail at a time.

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Josh - Special Needs Dogs

In sharing Josh’s story, the hope is to inspire others to embrace, support, and advocate for dogs with special needs, recognizing their potential to become beloved pets and, perhaps, unexpected teachers in the profound art of joyful living.

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