Rescue Dog Chained Up For Years Gets Free Bear Hugs | Amazing Reaction

4/10/18- Checkout the Pupdate on Herschel here:

Herschel, a five year old German Shepherd, who looks like a giant teddy bear, has had a pretty miserable life so far.

Chained up and neglected in a backyard for much of his life, his teeth are whittled down from constant gnawing on the chains that held him captive.

Herschel, also called Bear, has been surrendered twice. Dogs chained up for long periods of time don’t learn the basic skills that those living in caring families learn. As a result some inexperienced owners become frustrated and give up.

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Dog Tethering Is All Too Common

Tethering a dog for long  periods of time is unfortunately very common; millions are left with short chains around their necks all year around, in the snow to freeze and in the sun to suffer.

But Bear has finally caught his lucky break! He was surrendered to Michelson Found Animals who got him the medical and grooming attention he needed.  But another obstacle still remains; many people shy away from adopting German Shepherds. He’s not a puppy, he’s very large (almost 100 pounds), and lacks a few basic skills like properly walking on a leash with a human.

Michelson Found Animals & Rocky Kanaka To The Rescue

So Michelson Found Animals reached out to someone they knew could help. Rocky Kanaka, emmy-nominated television host and pet rescue advocate, immediately connected with Bear and decided to help in three ways 1) Soften the reputation that larger dogs have so that he would more easily find a forever home 2) Treat him to an amazing day full of love and surprises. 3) Feature him on “Dogs Day Out” to get maximum exposure

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Dog’s Day Out

Dog’s Day Out” is a heartfelt show that follows Rocky on his mission to find a hard-to-adopt rescue dog a forever home and in the process treat them to their ‘best day ever’.

Follow Bear’s Adventures!

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Watch Dog’s Day Out

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Want to Adopt Herschel?

Who wouldn’t want to adopt this Teddy Bear? Apply Here.

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More about Chaining & Dog Tethering

Tethering is the practice of fastening a dog to a stationary object and leaving him/her unattended.

The many issues are obvious:

  • Lack of socialization and love
  • Necks can become raw, and collars can grow into the skin.
  • High risk of entanglement and strangulation,
  • Left prey to attacks by other dogs, animals and people.
  • They can strangle themselves

Tethering is still the plight of millions of dogs, but thanks to advocacy work, education,  laws, and ordinances it is starting to make a difference.

Currently, over one hundred communities in more than thirty states have passed laws restricting or banning the practice.

To learn what you should do to help a chain or tethered dog, visit where they have a lot of well-thought-out advice.

To follow Herschel’s adventures sign up for email updates here or join the Dog’s Day Out Facebook group here.

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Dog’s Day Out featuring Bear will be live on Tuesday, March 27. Visit to watch it!

Rocky Kanaka is an Emmy Nominated TV host for the Netflix show Save Our Shelter, entrepreneur, and Pet Rescue Advocate. Rocky started working with pets over a decade ago when his passion for healthy foods carried over to his pets. As a pet chef Rocky’s business The Dog Bakery ships healthy fresh baked dog cakes and treats nationwide. When Rocky is not traveling the nation helping homeless pets you can often find him in one of his Los Angeles bakeries working on new recipes your dog is sure to love.

Rocky spends a large amount of his time focusing on philanthropy. Rocky can currently be seen on The CW’s Hidden Heroes, Netflix’s Save Our Shelter, and on his new YouTube series DOGS DAY OUT.