Doctors Said This Injured Puppy Would Never Walk Again – His Remarkable Recovery Will Warm Your Heart

Neo was a puppy born in the streets of a touristy island in Thailand. He had nobody to care for him and nobody to warn him about the dangers surrounding him. One day while he was crossing the street, he was hit by a car and left with life threatening injuries.

dog rescue story

Nobody stopped to help him. He had a broken spine and his back legs were broken and useless. He crawled into the bushes and was there for days in severe pain with no food or water. Volunteers for Samui Street Dogs, who are dedicated to helping the street dogs that live in their community, heard Neo’s cries and were able to rescue him from certain death. Happy Doggo shared Neo’s transformation story, and it is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

Neo’s Life Saving Rescue

dog rescue story

When the rescuers located Neo in the bushes, they were shocked by what they found. The puppy was suffering from many broken bones; his back legs were shattered and he was crippled. He had open wounds that were full of maggots and his body was covered with blood parasites. He was severely emaciated and weighed nearly nothing.

They rushed him to a vet for emergency care. Several doctors told the rescuers that they should “put him out of his misery” and recommended euthanizing him. But Sybille Morch, founder of the non-profit My Disabled Hairy Friends, wasn’t about to give up on Neo. She has dedicated her life to creating a home for dogs with special needs, “Paraplegic, blind, two-legged or three-legged, and dogs with neurological deficits.” She got him the medical treatment he desperately needed, and took him home to nurse him back to health.

Neo Needed Months of Therapy 

Due to his spine injuries, Neo would never be able to use his back legs again. He wore leg casts to repair the bone damage, and was left incontinent. Nobody was sure if he’d ever be able to walk again. But slowly and with Sybille’s unwavering support, he started gaining weight and getting his spirit back.  

It took months of rehabilitation and physical therapy for him to learn to use the front half of his body to support himself and to learn how to walk without his back legs. Neo didn’t give up and did all of the hard work needed to become a puppy again, and Sybille was his biggest cheerleader.

Neo’s Happy Ending

Neo “bounced back” and learned to run and play again. He’s lived with Sybille and 17 other disabled dogs since October 2021. Neo is surrounded by love; you can see the joy on his face when Sybille kisses him in the video. He still acts like a puppy, and loves using his wheelchair to get around because it allows him to run much more quickly than scooting around and dragging his body behind him. He loves the beach and playing with his friends. 

@happydoggoniall Neo shouldn’t be here today but somehow with the love and patience of my good friend Sybille he is. She’s built this dog back back from the ground up when most of the advice was to euthanize him or “put him out of his misery”. Well looking at Neo zooming up and down Hope Avenue in his wheels today and zipping around everywhere after Sybille you can see why she believes in the fact that every life matters. It’s hard to explain just how much work goes into helping these disabled dogs and she dedicates her life to it. When Neo was found in a bush by @samui_street_dogs he was literally about to die. His wounds were so bad dragging himself into the bush that they’d been infested with maggots and he had blood parasites and weighed next to nothing. After building him back up in terms of strength Sybille was then able to start getting him mobile again. He can scoot around on soft surfaces and he loves his wheelchair. A truly remarkable little character. You can see Sybille’s work and all her disabled dogs here @my.disabled.hairy.friends #dogs #rescuedog #dogsoftiktokviral ♬ Lovely Fire in Another Love – Gabriel Albuquerqüe

Sybille describes him as “a cheeky, greedy, chattering little man.” She believes that every life matters, and her foundation focuses on helping dogs like Neo who would otherwise be forgotten. His story is a powerful reminder that anything is possible, and that happily ever afters do exist.

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