Meet the Dog That Stayed Alive in a Shipping Crate for Days, But How Did She Get Trapped?

Dog Rescue - Dog Trapped in Shipping Container

The United States Coast Guard has many important duties in ports across the country, but dog rescue usually isn’t one of them. Even so, four selfless marine science technicians at Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston sprung into action when they heard barking and scratching in a locked shipping container 25 feet in the air. The group was conducting random inspections on thousands of shipping containers on January 31 when they heard the dog’s pleas for help. (See rescue video below)

Connie’s Miraculous Survival and Rescue 

Dog Rescue - Dog Trapped in Shipping Container

The dog’s rescuers–Bryan Wainscott, Lucas Loe, Ryan McMahon, and Jose Reyes–were able to quickly locate the container where the sounds were coming from. In a now-viral TikTok video, Loe explains that it took a crane to get the container to the ground, but when they opened it, they found an exhausted, hungry, but friendly female dog. 

Dog Rescue - Dog Trapped in Shipping Container

Marine science technician Loe gained a large following thanks to his video of ‘Connie the Container Dog’s’ rescue, and he revealed more details in a later ‘pupdate’ video. The container she was found in had been in the Texas port for at least a week, and it contained several cars waiting to be sold and shipped overseas. Though it’s unclear how the rescued dog got into the container in the first place, it is clear that she would not have survived much longer on her own. It was a miracle that she was found when she was!

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Fostering Connie the Container Dog

As the U.S. Coast Guard Heartland explained in a Facebook post, the quick-thinking men gave the pup water before bringing her to Pasadena Animal Shelter (Pasadena, TX). There, shelter staff found that she had no microchip, but she did test positive for heartworms. She was started on treatment and given plenty of food and fluids. Because she is underweight at below 30 pounds, Connie will need to spend some time recuperating in a foster home before starting her new lease on life. 

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Across the country, in Washington, D.C., Dr. Andrea Deoudes found Connie’s story as she was scrolling through Facebook. As the owner of Forever Changed Animal Rescue, she knew that the rescued pup belonged in her care. Luckily, Pasadena Animal Shelter agreed! It will be a while before Connie the Container Dog will be healthy enough to travel to the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area, but she is settled in with a foster until then.

Dog Rescue - Dog Trapped in Shipping Container

As Forever Changed lists on their website, Connie will be added to their list of adoptable dogs when she is healthy, in the area, and ready to go home. Although she is very shy and wary of her new surroundings, no one doubts that she will thrive with a little love and time. Those in the D.C. area who are interested in adopting Connie are encouraged to keep an eye on the shelter’s website, Facebook page, and PetFinder page for updates. Then–send in an adoption application for this sweet, strong girl!

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