Abandoned Breeding Dog, Injured & Scared, Stumbles Into the Arms of a Guardian Angel

Sabine Kaufmann, Founder of Little Steps Matter dog rescue in Bali, was out for a stroll in the jungle with her dogs, when they heard the cries of a terrified dog somewhere in the bushes. They found the dog, trembling, unable to walk, and extremely afraid of humans, so much so that Kaufmann said that she could tell that “humans had been unkind to her.”  (see her rescue video below)

Dog Left Alone in the Jungle

Someone had abandoned her in the jungle, knowing that she would soon die. The dog was unable to walk and “her skin was tortured and red raw.” Sabine could tell that the dog’s injuries were life threatening, and immediately took her for emergency care.

Dog Left Alone in the Jungle

Emergency Veterinarian Care Exposes The Abandoned Dog’s Sad Life

After the vet examined the dog, Sabine learned the dog was a 4-year-old neglected Pomeranian. Her back was severely crooked from living in a cage, and her pelvis was broken. She had most likely been used for breeding, the doctors told her, and that she had probably been “forced to live her entire life in a cage.” She had a hernia that required surgery to fix. 

Dog Left Alone in the Jungle

Sabine decided to name the dog Hope. Hope had been “Abused for profit like so many other breed dogs in Bali, she then was tossed away when no longer useful.” After spending a week in the hospital after surgery, Hope was moved to a foster home where her foster mom Krista worked on building her trust and gave her the love that she had never known or experienced before. 

Dog Left Alone in the Jungle

Hope Learns How To Trust and Love 

When Krista brought Hope home, it was clear that she was scared and overwhelmed, trying to make herself small by curling into herself. Krista patiently spent hours with her, reassuring her that she was safe and very loved.

Dog Left Alone in the Jungle

After a month with Krista, Sabine shared that Hope’s “sad eyes had completely transformed.” Her fur was growing back in, her tail was wagging, and she was showing signs of happiness and health, both physically and mentally. She gained weight and was able to exercise and play. She was becoming a dog instead of being a tool used by cruel owners to make money.

Four Months Later, Hope Was Ready to Find Her Forever Home

Hope found her forever family, and Sabine shared that they couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome for her. She shares a home with a dog brother named Tofu, she loves taking walks, and she loves her new humans, too!

Dog Left Alone in the Jungle

The work that Little Steps Matter does is incredible. They feed Bali’s street dogs and cats nearly 1,400 pounds of food a week and they give medicine to animals in need. They also provide spay and neutering to these animals, hoping to curb the stifling stray dog problem in Bali, where hundreds of thousands of dogs call the streets home. You can find more information about their mission and how to help by visiting their website.

@littlestepsmatter These pictures can only break your heart, the way this little girl is unable to walk, her whole body trembling in the attempt to protect herself from the world. It is unimaginable cruel that someone dumped her in the middle of nowhere in the jungle, leaving her to die. We only found her during our stroll because our dogs heard her cries from deep inside the bushes and alerted us. She is a Pomeranian and only 4 years old. Her skin is tortured and red raw. She has hernia, her back is crooked, her pelvis broken. She was used for breeding and most likely forced to live her entire life in a cage. Abused for profit like so many other breed dogs in Bali, she then was tossed away when no longer useful. Please click the link in our Instagram bio to donate ❤️‍🩹 #dogrescue #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #animalrescue #dogcharity #bali #animalaid #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #doglover ♬ Yellow – Coldplay

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