Caretaker Makes Last Pleas On Behalf of Sweet Dog Living in Her Garage

FONTANA, Calif. – “It breaks my heart but I will be saying goodbye to Fendi if I can’t find her a foster or forever home,” said Sandy Rodriguez, Fendi’s current foster. Rodriguez took in 3-year-old Fendi two months ago after seeing her labeled as needing “immediate rescue” at the Jurupa Shelter. But despite her best efforts, Rodriguez has been unable to find the loving forever home that Fendi desperately needs.

Dog Up for adoption: Fendi

Fendi’s Long Road

Fendi originally belonged to Rodriguez’s next door neighbors, who surrendered the medium-sized pit bull mix to animal control in December. Fendi was showing signs of kennel stress and placed on the euthanasia list after just two weeks at the shelter. “I saw when Animal Control took her and prayed for the best,” Rodriguez recalled.

After visiting Fendi at the shelter, Rodriguez offered to take her in if she could get her off the euthanasia list by Christmas. With the commitment of someone who offered to adopt Fendi, Rodriguez rescued her from the shelter on December 26th. But the adoption fell through when Fendi’s fence jumping tendencies stressed out the older woman. Apparently Fendi was kept in the side yard day and night so that’s likely why she tried to escape. Rodriguez took Fendi back on New Years Eve and has been fostering her ever since..

Searching for the Right Fit

Dog Up for adoption: Fendi

Rodriguez has diligently tried to find the right forever home for the sweet-natured Fendi. “I’ve had people interested but no one has committed,” Rodriguez said.

Though friendly and affectionate with both adults and children, Fendi needs regular walks, attention and stimulation that Rodriguez’s schedule as a busy caregiver does not allow. Shelters and rescues have been unable to take Fendi in.

Alone In The Garage

Since Rodriguez took her in, Fendi has been staying alone in the garage with little human contact or stimulation. “I get home very late from work and will not take her out when it’s dark for my safety. There are also times when I am not home due to being a caregiver for my 93-year-old mother with dementia,” Rodriguez explained.

While she has set up a bed, toys, and puppy pads in the garage for Fendi, Rodriguez knows it is an unacceptable living situation for the social, high-energy dog.

Dog Up for adoption: Fendi

After the isolation and neglect Fendi has already endured, being locked alone in a garage most days and nights is no way for her to live. But without another foster or adoptive home, Rodriguez’s challenging schedule leaves her no other choice.

“She loves people. She loves attention and wants to run up to everyone for some love,” Rodriguez said. But she needs more personalized care.

Saying Goodbye

With heavy hearts, Rodriguez has made the tough decision to return Fendi to a shelter this week if another foster or adoptive home cannot be found.

“It breaks my heart but I will be saying goodbye to Fendi if I can’t find her a foster or forever home. I tried helping her but was unsuccessful,” Rodriguez said regretfully.

This sweet dog who has already been through so much in her short life faces an uncertain future unless someone steps up soon to give her the loving furever home she needs.

Dog Up for adoption: Fendi

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