10 REALLY GOOD Squeaky Toys for Dogs

squeaky toys for dogs

For dogs, a squeaky toy is like a new phone or gadget. It’s a shiny, fun thing to play with, and a good squeaky toy will keep a dog entertained for hours! When all else fails, you can always count on the reliable squeaky toy to grab your pup’s attention, and there’s a good reason for that!

These toys are actually beloved because they mimic a good hunt. When a dog bites into a squeaky toy, the sound reminds them of a squealing animal. It’s a bit morbid, but it makes sense! Giving dogs a chance to indulge in this behavior — even if it’s simulated — is a great way to keep their minds engaged.

Today, I’ve combed through the depths of the web to find some of the best squeaky toys on the market. Each of these picks is durable and safe, so you can rest assured that your pup will have many hours of safe fun.

Let’s get started!

The Best Squeaky Toys

To keep everything neat and tidy, I’ve summed up everything in this handy table. If you want to learn more about any of these products, keep scrolling!

ProductWhat I LovePrice
Sugelary Pineapple Squeaky Dog ToyAffordableGrippy textureUltra-durablePerfect for medium to large dogsSuitable for aggressive chewers$11.99
KONG Wild Knots Bear Dog ToyAbsolutely adorable! Affordable Available in many sizes Ultra-durable Perfect for pups of all sizes$6.99–$18.99

KONG Wubba Classic
Affordable, Available in many sizes. Ultra-durable, Multifunctional, Perfect for any size pup, Suitable for aggressive chewers$8.99–$17.99
Boxer Breed Dog ToyBoxer Breed Squeaky ToyAffordableGood for big dogsBased on Rocky’s beloved dog, Flip!$7.49
Tuffy’s Larry Lobster PlushAdorableDurableSoft and cuddlySuitable for any dog$20.99
GoDog Dragons Chew Guard Squeaky Plush Dog ToyAdorableFairly durableSoft and cuddlySuitable for any breed$21.97
Gumby Squeaky ToySuitable for small breeds only!AffordableUnique appearanceGood for interactive playOffered in plush and rubberGood for small dogs$7.19–$11.29
ZippyPaws Skinny PeltzSuitable for medium dogs only!AdorableAffordablePack of threeSoft and cuddly!Good for small dogs$19.99
Hartz Dura Play Latex BallAffordableAvailable in multiple sizesFairly durableGood for small to medium dogsPerfect for a game of squeaky fetch!Offered as a multipack$5.97–$18.99

Squeaky Tennis Balls
12-PackAvailable in 3 colorsGood for dogs of all sizesGreat for playing fetch$20.99

Squeaky Toy Sound App
FREEAvailable for iOS & AndroidEasy to useFun for younger pups and puppiesFREE

Best Squeaky Toys for Heavy Chewers

If you’ve got a heavy chewer, you know how important it is to find toys that can withstand their determined chomping. Traditional dog toys shred too quickly, and can pose a serious choking hazard for over-eager dogs. The squeaks added to most squeaky toys are also a hazard, so making sure your dog can’t quickly get to it is essential for their safety. 

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Even if you choose one of these heavy-duty toys, always supervise your dog with their squeaky toys to avoid possible consumption of parts. 

1. Sugelary’s Pineapple Squeaky Toy

Sugelary’s Pineapple Squeaky Toy

This toy may not be available in many sizes, but Sugelary’s Pineapple Squeaky Toy is a must-have for aggressive chewers. Made with natural non-toxic rubber, this pineapple is the perfect addition to any medium to large dog’s toybox. The main body’s grippy rubber is complemented by the canvas-like “leaves”, with which you can engage in a few rounds of tug-of-war.

Reviewers are absolutely in love with the durability of this toy. The main body of this false fruit can take a heavy beating, although some buyers have had problems with the leaves falling out. However, you won’t find another dog squeaky toy as durable as Sugelary’s pineapple for $11.99!

2. KONG Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy

KONG Wild Knots Bear Dog Squeaky Toy

Nobody makes toys like KONG. This brand is well known for its ultra-durable dog toys, and its products live up to the hype. For pups who love all things soft, there’s the ultra-durable KONG Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy. Contained within this cuddly-looking pal is a squeaker, which means that your best friend’s snuggly new best friend doubles as a great toy for playtime.

KONG’s adorable teddy bear is available in five sizes, — X-small to X large — so be sure to pick the right one for your pup. The price ranges from $6.99–$18.99.

3. KONG Wubba Classic

KONG Wubba Classic Squeaky toy

If you’re on the market for an ultra-durable and multipurpose dog squeaky toy, then you’re looking for their Wubba Classic.

If you’ve never seen one before, it’s a round squeaker wrapped in durable canvas-like fabric. The fabric is allowed to hang and knotted tightly around the noisemaker, so this toy can easily be used for tug-of-war when your dog wants some interactive play! It’s available in three sizes, so it’s a perfect fit for any pup. The prices range from $8.99–$17.99 depending on the size.

Squeaky Toys for Large Dogs

Big dogs need big toys! These squeaky toys are jump sized and perfect for your giant pooch. 

4. Rocky’s Boxer Dog Toy

Boxer Breed Dog Toy

This giant toy is perfect for big dogs, and has a super satisfying shape that is easy for dogs to get their jaws firmly around. Designed to look like my beloved boxer, Flip, this is one of my all-time-favorite dog toys. The Boxer Breed Dog Toy is cute, durable, and the ears on it are a total hit with dogs who like to nibble or shake toys. 

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If your big dog is a super chewer this might not be the best choice for them, but it’s great for dogs who are mostly interested in throwing their toys around, or listening to the music of the squeaker!

5. Tuffy’s Ocean Creatures Larry Lobster Plush

Tuffy’s Ocean Creatures Larry Lobster Plush Squeaky toy

Chewy pups with a love for all things soft will love Tuffy’s Larry Lobster Plush, which is rated an 8/10 on Tuffy’s toughness scale. Reviewers love the durability of this plush, which can withstand plenty of abuse before necessitating a replacement. Contained within Larry is a delightful squeaker, which is encased in a soft, plush fabric.

At $20.99, Larry isn’t exactly cheap, but current and former owners of this luxurious lobster have noted that his durability is well worth the price. If, however, your pup has particularly sharp teeth, it might be worth investigating a different option.

6. GoDogs’ Dragon Plush Dog Squeaky Toy

GoDogs’ Dragon Plush Dog Squeaky Toy

It’s pink, it’s soft, and it’s oh so very squeaky! It’s GoDogs’ Dragons Chew Guard Dog Squeaky Toy. Measuring 12×5×9 inches, this toy is perfect for any dog, and many reviewers have noted that their pups love their pink dragon. At $21.99, it may not be the cheapest toy on the list, but it’s definitely unique.

If you’re thinking about getting this squeaky toy, be aware that it is not rated for extreme play. The perfect pup owner plays gently, and the most that this fantastic beast can handle is some moderate handling. More intense chewers will quickly demolish this toy.

Squeaky Toys for Small Dogs

Little dogs sometimes enjoy big toys, but many like to be able to pick them up, toss them around, and really get a good hold while playing. To help your small dog get the most out of their toys, it’s important to get them toys that are appropriate for their size! Here are some of our favorite squeaky toys for little dogs:

7. Multipets’ Gumby Squeaky Toy

Multipets’ Gumby Squeaky Toy

If you’re on the market for a unique dog squeaky toy, then Multipets’ Gumby should meet your needs. This strange-looking celery-like man is available as a durable squeaky-inclusive plush or rubber toy. The plush Gumby is $7.19, while the slightly more durable rubber Gumby is $11.29.

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Both the plush and rubber Gumby toys are 4×9 inches, which means they’re only suitable for breeds within the toy and small ranges. Nonetheless, suitable pups will enjoy the many ways this toy can be used, and many reviewers have noted that it becomes a rapid favorite.

Potential Gumby owners should know that this endearingly strange green man is not suitable for rough play. Teething puppies have been known to quickly eviscerate poor Gumby, so he should be kept out of their reach.

8. ZippyPaws’ Skinny Peltz

ZippyPaws’ Skinny Peltz squeaky toy

What’s better than a squeaky toy? How about three squeaky toys!?

For $19.99, you can get your hands on three soft, stuffing-free ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz. Each plush critter is packed with a squeaker. To keep mess and danger to a minimum, none of the Skinny Peltz toys contain stuffing. This makes them easy to grip and play with, even for little dogs.

Reviewers love the durability of ZippyPaws’ Skinny Peltz toys, which are suitable for moderate play and a bit of roughhousing. Because of the elongated shape, dogs will also enjoy using their fluffy friend for tug-of-war and fetch!

Squeaky Ball Toys

9. Hartz Dura Play Latex Squeaky Toy Ball

Hartz Dura Play Latex Squeaky Toy Ball

Available in small, medium, and large, Hartz’s Dura Play Balls are the perfect way to keep small to medium pups entertained for hours at a time. Individually, a Dura Play Ball is $5.97–$6.77, and packs of three are available for $10.49–$18.99.

Each ball is made of durable latex, which makes it perfect for light to moderate play, but keep in mind that these toys aren’t necessarily for heavy solo chewing sessions. However, if you’re looking for a casual toy for light play and a few rounds of fetch, this is a great pick!

10. Squeaky Tennis Balls

Squeaky Tennis Balls

Does your dog love chasing a ball almost as much as they love squeaky toys? Then these Squeaky Tennis Balls are probably their dream toy! With the same look and feel of a traditional tennis ball, these squeaky versions are great for a game of fetch, or dogs who go nuts for balls in general. A light chew makes the ball squeak, which will help keep their attention far longer than the traditional soundless tennis ball variety. 

Available in two sizes (small and medium), squeaky tennis balls can be enjoyed by small, medium, and large dogs. They’re even a good option for dogs who aren’t usually interested in balls, since the addition of the squeak can hold their attention. 

Squeaky Toy Sounds App

Squeaky Toy Sounds App

Some dogs absolutely love the sound of squeaky toys, but just don’t care to do the actual squeaking themselves. For these pups, theres the Squeaky Toy Sounds App! Keep your pooch occupied and entertained with a simple app that plays authentic squeaky toy sounds. Put your phone somewhere interesting for them to investigate, like in a closet, or inside of a paper bag. This is also a fun app to use with puppies who might not be old enough to play with toys, but can still enjoy the sounds!

Keep Your Nose in the News

I hope that this list was helpful! If so, don’t be afraid to share it around. In the meantime, check out more of my product reviews and recommendations. I’m always looking for the latest and greatest in dog supplies, and you get to reap the benefits.

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