100 Shelter Dogs Devour Birthday Cake in Unbelievable Moment Caught on Camera

Animal advocate and a pet chef, Rocky Kanaka, runs a pet bakery called The Dog Bakery, which ships dog birthday cakes across the country. In the video, he announced that he and his team were going to make 100 dog cakes to help 100 homeless dogs get adopted.

Pet Chef Bakes 100 Dog Cakes to Help Homeless Dogs Get Adopted

Although baking cakes for dogs is a lot harder than making cakes for humans, his team was up to the challenge. The cakes turned out great and were personalized with the dogs’ names.

Boxer Rescue LA Receives $9,000 Donation to Cover Adoption Fees

The next step was to deliver the cakes to a rescue in Los Angeles called Boxer Rescue LA. The video shows the dogs at the rescue being treated to birthday cakes and a celebration of their special day. The rescuer and his team were touched by the experience and decided to cover the adoption fees for all 30 dogs at the rescue. They donated $9,000 to the rescue to cover the fees, and the rescuers were thrilled with the donation.

Rescuers Donate Toys and Encourage Support for Animal Rescue Organizations

The rescuer emphasized that covering the fees does not mean that the adoption process is easy, but rather that the dogs at this rescue are well taken care of and deserving of loving homes. The rescuer and his team celebrated the successful event by donating toys to the rescue dogs and encouraged their viewers to support rescue organizations.

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