– Today, we’re making 100 homeless dogs Thanksgiving dinner because we’re celebrating a tradition, Barksgiving. We’re at Frosted Faces Foundation in Ramona, California, to give some very deserving dogs a wonderful Barksgiving.

Making 100 Thanksgiving Dinners for Homeless Dogs!

This is a tradition, something I do every year. A Barksgiving is just like Thanksgiving, it’s all about giving thanks and showing love. I also do this so that hopefully we can spotlight some of these dogs and get them adopted, which aligns perfect with our sponsor’s mission, to get 1,001 dogs adopted by the end of this year, more on that later.

Making 100 Thanksgiving Dinners for Homeless Dogs!

Dogs give complete unconditional love, and since these loving dogs don’t have a home yet, we wanna show them just how grateful we are for them. Okay, I can’t wait to tell you what is on the menu for this year. First, make sure you subscribe, turn on notifications, and while you’re doing that, I wanna introduce you to this year’s adoptable members that will be joining us at our table.

This here is Marvis. Now he’s a rescue favorite, and understandably so, because he’s a nine-year-old, one-eyed wonder that loves dogs, people, animals, and most of all, food. I’m looking forward to giving him his first Barksgiving ever.

homeless dog

Now this guy right here, his name’s Duke. He’s a 14-year-old rescue dog that loves snuggling under a warm pile of blankets that just came out of the dryer.

homeless dog

Then we have Trout. Now Trout is very special, he’s a 16-year-old boy, he was actually turned into the rescue because his elderly owners, they weren’t well enough to care for him anymore. Now when they turned them in, they said that back in the day he was a search and rescue dog. You can see it in his eyes, Trout is a good dog and he could really use a new family.

homeless dog

Now this right here at Summit, they actually call him Smiley Summit because he’s got a big smile, and hopefully we’ll find him a home because he’s actually been at the shelter for quite a while.

homeless dog

Last but not least, I gotta introduce you to my boy Chopsticks. Now, when I saw him, I just knew right away that there was something special about him. He’s a five-year-old and he’s been through so much. You see, he was actually found in a hoarding situation, along with 60 other dogs inside of a small trailer. This unsafe situation combined with his medical condition, cerebellar hypoplasia, was an immediate recipe for him being in a serious situation.

homeless dog

Now, Frosted Faces cares for senior dogs, but their main goal is to help dogs, so when they saw Chopsticks, they knew they had to get involved right away. Now here’s the thing, cerebellar hypoplasia definitely can affect motor impulses, so he struggles to walk straight or stand for more than a few seconds.

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But all of that being said, and him being a little wobbly, he’s still an awesome dog, and he deserves a loving family and he will give love in return. So I want him to get adopted, but today I want him to experience love. That’s why today is so important. You see, my Barksgiving is delicious, but also, it’s baked with a lot of love. And I hope that when we feed Chopsticks his Barksgiving, and all the other dogs, they know that they’re loved.

We baked 100 Barksgiving dinners. Now we’ve got them all boxed up. I gotta tell you what’s in these things. So, first, my famous pot pie. In here is delicious turkey. We baked all of these by hand and cut out that little bone pastry.

turkey pot pie

Now it wouldn’t be complete without some delicious, dog-friendly cornbread.

corn bread

Now look at this, it’s delicious, it’s nice and tender. And then we even have some stuffing, cranberries, they’re great for dogs, especially senior dogs, it really helps with the digestive system.

cranberry stuffing

And don’t forget this delicious dessert, my famous pumpkin, simple ingredients, great for dogs. We even added cinnamon so that it’s delicious and healthy.

pumpkin pie

And then of course we have some nice crunchers here for the dogs that like really crunchy treats. Look at these, we’ve got some coconut on the outside. They look like chocolate but it’s actually carob, which is safe for dogs.


So all of this right here, in addition to some mashed potatoes and gravy that I’m whipping up, is gonna make our Barksgiving meal. Now, this is the biggest Barksgiving we’ve ever done, 100 Barksgiving dinners. We’re actually gonna do it buffet style. So I’ve gotta go make some mashed potatoes and gravy because we don’t have much time. We have a lot of hungry dogs.

Okay, I already sent one, let’s hit order on that second one. I had to sneak away for a minute. Right now I am ordering online, the perfect gift for dog lovers from our sponsor, Furbo dog camera. Because with Furbo dog camera, you can see, talk, toss treats, even get barking alerts all from your phone. I have used Furbo dog camera for years, and I couldn’t think of a better gift for the holidays for your dog or for someone you love.

Let’s say you’re at work or you’re out and about, and you wanna be able to check up on your dog. Coby, a dog that I fostered and then adopted, he is a perfect example. We have used Furbo since he was just a little puppy to really help him out. The Furbo dog camera has been a key to help dogs with their separation anxiety. With Furbos two-way audio and treat tossing ability, it really helps calm your dog and let them know that even though you’re not there, it’s going to be okay. Coby, we miss you buddy, here’s a treat.

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Furbo dog camera

Furbo has a full HD camera, night vision. I’ve worked with Furbo a lot and they’ve really helped me help dogs. And they’re a company that really cares too. They’re on a mission right now to get 1,001 dogs adopted by the end of this year. Need an even bigger reason to get a Furbo?

Right now, they are offering the biggest discount they’ve ever given for black Friday, 46% off. Don’t wait, go right now to Hello.Furbo.com/Rocky, or just go click on the link in the description. And Hey, look at that, I got most of my holiday shopping done. In fact, by the time you’re watching this video, everyone should be getting there Furbos right now. I mean, that makes me so happy. When you get a dog gift like Furbo for a dog lover, you just can’t go wrong.

Okay, who’s made Thanksgiving before? Oh good, all right, I’ve got some experts here. I’ve got a list of people here and a list of things to do, so I’m just gonna assign things and then I need you to jump in ’cause we’ve got some hungry dogs. Okay, okay, all right. Debbie, let’s have you set up the little bones. Jodi, pot pies. Joyce, you’re on pumpkin pies. Chrissy, let’s have you do the cornbread, can you get the cornbread? Perfect. And Christina, the stuffing, stuffing? – Yeah. – You’re on it, okay, let’s do it. Are we ready? Let’s go.

Making 100 Thanksgiving Dinners for Homeless Dogs!

Now I’ve got my world-famous mashed potatoes and gravy for dogs. Look at this, this right here is a bone broth gravy, so it’s really healthy for dogs. And we’re going to make this, we’re going to serve it up, gotta make that boat right there. Watch this, delicious. Oh my goodness. That is looking and smelling great right there. And the table smells so good. You can smell the pot pies. You can smell the pumpkin pies. You can smell the fresh cornbread. I cannot wait for all the Frosted Faces family pups to have their Barksgiving buffet.

Making 100 Thanksgiving Dinners for Homeless Dogs!

All right, now here are the rules for Barksgiving, there are no rules. All right, dude, you ready to eat some food? Three, two, one.

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– [All Together] Happy Barksgiving.

Making 100 Thanksgiving Dinners for Homeless Dogs!

– [Woman] Wow, look at that, he loves mashed potatoes and gravy.

 Homeless Dog eating thanksgiving meal

All right, I’m making a very special place right now for a dog named Summit. I’ve met Summit before, he’s been here for years, and so I really wanna highlight Summit and see if we can get him adopted.

So no doubt, we’re gonna need some pumpkin pie, we’re gonna need some dairy-free, no fat, low sugar whipped cream. All right, cornbread. We put a lot of work, the team spent hours dipping all those bones right there, so we gotta give him some of that. We’re gonna get him everything because he deserves it, he’s been here for awhile. We’re gonna get a pie, for sure, and then last but not least, mashed potatoes and gravy. Alright, let’s go find Summit, get him his Barksgiving meal.

– [Woman] Takes it right away.

 Homeless Dog eating thanksgiving meal

– Enjoy. You’re like a, you’re like a homemade dishwasher. I mean, who wouldn’t want to adopt you? This is going great, it’s so many Barksgivings. There are 35, right here, right now, and there are 35 in foster that are all gonna get Barksgivings. And then we’ve got another 30 that we’re gonna send out to some other rescue groups to make sure that 100 homeless dogs get their Barksgiving meal.

Okay, Duke, what do you want first? Do you want your dessert first? Okay, we’ll throw one of those on there. You want some cornbread? Two cornbreads? Okay, wow, you’re really going for it. All right, some dessert bones. What about a pot pie? Two pot pies? How about we start with one pot pie and then you come back for a seconds, so what do you say, okay?

Look at Duke. Duke, all right, all right, hold on, okay, okay, go get it buddy, go get it.

 Homeless Dog eating thanksgiving meal

– [Woman] Oh my God .

– [Woman] She likes the cranberry.

– [Rocky] Oh, yeah. Okay, okay.

– [Woman] Oh, you like the mash potatoes and gravy, Marvis? What is this? Oh, does that look good?

– [Rocky] And a little treat.

– [Woman] Good boy.

– [Rocky] Okay.

– [Woman] Okay

Yes, all right, you gotta go follow Frosted Faces, they’re awesome, I’ll put the link in the description below. And a special thanks to our sponsor, Furbo, linked down in the description below. Make sure you subscribe if you love Barksgiving as much as I do, turn on notifications. All right, make sure you go check out this video right here or this video right here. Happy Barksgiving.

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