Loyal Pup Springs into Action When Owners Pretend to Faint

Ever wondered how your dog would react during a medical emergency? Would they stay by your side to keep you warm and safe or leave you high and dry? It’s a question most of us hope never to face.

Loyal Pup Springs into Action When Owners Pretend to Faint

However, it is fun to see what happens when you fake it. When Rocky Kanaka and his wife Kelly played a medical alert-style game with their pups, one dog shined as the family hero.

Rocky’s Fakes Fainting

When Rocky hits the ground, his loyal dog Flip runs to his side to lick his face. Although he may not understand what has happened, he knows waking Dad up is essential. What a good boy!

Loyal Pup Springs into Action When Owners Pretend to Faint

Take #2 -As Rocky falls away from Flip, he heads straight to his feet to see what’s going on. When Rocky fails to rise swiftly, Flip becomes increasingly restless, moving around his body in search of a way to rouse him. Then he realizes what must be done and kisses his face, and his tactics prove effective.

Take #3 -Although Flick may watch Rocky’s movements, he’s caught on to this game. This time, when he falls, he remains on the couch and appears to yawn. LOL!

Loyal Pup Springs into Action When Owners Pretend to Faint

Take #4 -Rocky throws his voice on this attempt, adding some extra drama to the fall. Knowing what worked last time, he goes straight to his face and piles on the kisses. Once again, it’s an effective revival method. It didn’t take him long to learn how to help his human, so this good boy is praised for his heroics.

It’s Mom’s Turn

Kelly will see how Flip acts when she faints and falls this time. Will he know to care for her?

Attempt #1 -Oh Flip! This is one way to break your mother’s heart. Although he doesn’t go to her side, perhaps it’s because he knows she is okay. He’s probably in tune with her breathing and heart rate and understands nothing is wrong. However, he may have a few questions about her choice of napping spot.

Loyal Pup Springs into Action When Owners Pretend to Faint

Attempt #2 -Redemption! This time, Kelly tries to put him in a stay, and when he follows her, she falls. This alerts him that she needs help, and he immediately goes to give her kisses. Kelly notes that when he goes to her side, he looks at Rocky to ensure he knows something is wrong, too. He’s the best boy!

The Family Edition

On this attempt, Kelly and Rocky will faint together, so they bring in backup and add their two small dogs to help Flip.

Loyal Pup Springs into Action When Owners Pretend to Faint

Try #1 -As Rocky and Kelly hit the ground, Flip dashes over to Mom’s side and jumps on top to ensure her safety. Their little dog, Zoey, closely followed behind. However, after assessing the scene, the small dogs leave the room, and Zoey returns to chewing on her toy. LOL! However, Flip, being a good boy, stays to ensure his parents’ well-being.

Try #2—For this try, they went to the garage, and three dogs ran to their parents’ side and circled around when they hit the pavement. However, after briefly analyzing the situation, none seemed too concerned. These intelligent pups seem to be catching on to this game.

Last Try -They both add some extra drama to this attempt, which brings all the dogs running. Zoey defends Dad by jumping on his back, protecting him from Flip’s attempt to kiss his face. Oh my! Even Snoop got involved this time, sitting on Rocky’s back while Flip tried to revive him with kisses. Then, after Dad woke up, he went over to give them to Mom. Now they know for sure who the designated family search and rescue dog is.

Have you tried this game with your pups? If you haven’t, it’s fun to play on a rainy day. It’s good to know who will support you if something goes wrong.

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