You’ll Never Believe How This Dog Reacted When His Mom Got Pregnant

When Kelly found out she was expecting, her dog Bentley started acting a little weird. But in the most heartwarming way possible! (Watch Video Above)

Bentley &Tyler

Pup’s Sixth Sense

According to Kelly, Bentley began resting his head on her stomach before she had any clue she was pregnant.

“It made me feel like he sensed it,” Kelly explained. “He knows.”

Could he have sniffed out the new life growing inside his mom? Talk about a furry intuition!

The Most Ridiculous Baby Routine Ever

Once baby Tyler arrived, Bentley was obsessed. He badgers Kelly to wake up the infant every morning and brings him toys to play with. The pooch even has his own bed in the nursery so he can nap alongside his little bro. Now that’s some serious doggy dedication!

Doggy Cries When Baby Cries

Bentley watches over Tyler like a furry guardian angel. If the baby so much as whimpers, the pup rushes over whining in concern.

“We call it an extra baby monitor,” Kelly laughs.

The Moment They Finally Start Playing

After lots of attempts from Bentley, one day Tyler shocked his parents by crawling over and playing with the eager pup. Kelly could hardly contain her excitement!

“I was like ‘oh my god, it’s happening!'” she gushed.

Mom’s Secret Trick To Prevent Jealousy

With a new baby in the house, Kelly went out of her way to insure Bentley didn’t feel neglected or resent his little brother. Her secret? Carving out special mommy-and-me time just for her firstborn fur-baby.

“The last thing I want is for him to resent Tyler because he feels replaced,” she explained.

The Sweetest Doggy Big Brother Ever?

There’s no doubt about it – Bentley is utterly smitten with his new brother and BFF.

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We’ll let Kelly sum it up: “You guys are the two best boys ever.”

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