You Won’t Believe What Cured This Dog from Parvo

Shelby (Russell’s Mom):
Omar was too scared that if Russell fell asleep, that he was not gonna be able to wake back up. So Omar started to play guitar for him and we realized that Russell was really interested in the guitar.

Dog cured from Parvo

We came across a family that could no longer take take care of him, and so we found out that he was not eating or drinking. I was starting to get concerned and he was starting to throw up and we had to find out on our own that something was wrong with him.

Parvovirus, it makes it impossible for them to be able to keep food down so they usually can’t eat or drink and usually die of dehydration. Hearing that a dog has a parvovirus is basically the worst news that you can receive from a vet when you have a new puppy. Was caught pretty late when we, uh, brought him in.

Dog cured from Parvo

Shelby Continues:
This is Omar’s first dog and the fact that he thought that this dog might not survive the three days that we first had him is very devastating news. Omar kept playing guitar for him and then he started to lift his head up, which we could tell was so hard for him to do. Just lifting his head up was a pain, but he loved the music that Omar was playing.

A week later, he started to, started to wag his tail and like, look up at us, um, and act kind of like a puppy and playful around. That’s it. As a puppy, he can be described as one word, which is rambunctious. See, it was very rambunctious as a, as a puppy, as he is an adult as well.

Russell with a toy in his mouth

Omar (Russell’s Dad)
I think that’s, you know, what that music did for him. It, it just uplifted his spirit. And that’s the magic of music is just being able to impact someone’s vibes and someone’s attitude.

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Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):
Russell Is now a happy, healthy dog who has an amazing bond with both of his parents.

The relationship is very, they’re very close. Omar treats Russell as a child. He loves him like as he was would be his son. He talks to him. He like whispers to him things. Omar loves to pick him up, which is one thing that’s kind of stayed the same, is that he likes to be picked up by his dad.

Happy dog

To see Omar have a relationship with his first dog, it feels like it’s my first dog again. That it’s just the love of bond that compares to nothing else.

Russell is my best friend in the whole wide world. That’s how I would sum it up, right. My favorite thing about Russell is actually how protective and dependent he is on Shelby. He is just like all about Shelby. It’s amazing, like how much he loves her. I don’t know. It definitely like tugs on my heartstrings.

Dog cured from Parvo and his family

Russell has taught us to cherish every moment that we have. We sometimes forget how far we’ve come, especially with him being sick, although we can be frustrated, especially when he’s puppy and he is growing up, that we have to remember that he’s actually miracle brought to us. And so, um, I would say that’s cherishing every moment. Especially dogs lives are very short in that. Being with him every single day is just a, a gift to all of us.

Dog cured from Parvo

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