Outrageous or Fabulous? These 7 Designer Dog Collars Cost More Than Your House!

Most dog owners buy dog collars at local pet stores. Even if we’re looking for specific name-brand dog collars and extra high-quality dog collars, it’s usually possible to find them in-store near you, or from a website like Amazon. Usually, a dog collar costs between $10 and $50, even if you’re choosing a beautiful leather dog collar, “luxury” dog accessories are typically pretty affordable. Sometimes, we’ll splurge on our canine besties with high-end dog collars from designer brands, but even designer dog collars are rarely more than a few hundred dollars. 

Can you imagine spending $1,000 on a luxury dog collar when you can get functional and beautiful dog collars for less than $100? What about $100,000? What about more than $1 million?

Well, some people just really love their dogs and have the money to spoil them with luxury dog collars that cost more than most people make in a year. 

To avoid giving you sticker shock right away I’m counting down to the most expensive dog collar in the world, starting with a few slightly more affordable but still very fancy dog collars. 

7. Pearl & Sapphire Dog Collar from A’maree’s — $1,160


6. Loubicollar from Christian Louboutin — $1,190


5. Hermés Black Tie Dog Collar — $1,975


4. 14K Gold, Diamond, & Pearl Dog Collar from Kyle Chan — $2,800


3. The KILO Solid 10K Gold Dog Collar from Big Dog Chains — $179,999.99


2. La Jeune Tulipe Diamond Dog Collar from Posh Puppy Boutique — $250,000


1. The Amour Amour Dog Collar — $3,500,000