Tiny 7-lb Puppy Abandoned With Nose Taped Shut; Rescuers Stunned By Response

In the midst of the holiday season filled with family and cheer, a Georgia animal rescue discovered an abandoned puppy who’d sadly seen the worst of human cruelty. Weighing barely 7 pounds, this gentle and affectionate dog had been discarded on the streets alone – his mouth aggressively taped shut, leaving him emaciated and struggling with hypothermia.

Puppy Abandoned With Muzzle Taped Shut; Rescuers Stunned By Response

Though initially terrified and untrusting, rescuers were stunned as he warmly embraced their compassion. His inspirational capacity to love and forgive despite abandonment during a season centered on togetherness offers a timely reminder of the hope and goodness people can choose to reflect all year long.

Hero Dog Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs, recently shared a video they received and a dire plea for help.

A Young Puppy Was Found Abandoned and In Very Poor Health

“This tiny puppy who is just 7lbs was turned out on the streets and left to fend for himself,” the rescuer said. “We can only imagine how scared, cold, and hungry he must have been.”

Hero Dog Rescue came to this tiny pups aide. “A couple of nights ago, we were sent this video and a plea for help,” Hero Dog Rescue shared on social media, along with a 30-second video of a small puppy with gray, black, and white fur.

In the clip, two animal rescue workers comfort the tiny pup, who looks like he’s shaking from fear, pain, or both. The small dog has visible injuries to his mouth, and he appears to be very underfed and has a lack of energy as the kind humans try to comfort him and ease his fears.

The Small Puppy Has Been Through a Lot in Such a Short Time

Once the dog rescue workers were able to get the young dog seen by a veterinarian, the extent of his injuries and the abuse he suffered became clear.  

Puppy Abandoned With Muzzle Taped Shut

“Once the vet had [a] chance to examine him, it was apparent that someone had taped his mouth shut!” they shared. “He was diagnosed with hypothermia and also emaciated.”

Thankfully, the little puppy was brought to the best place for him, where he could receive the care he needed with the comfort and compassion he deserves.

A New Name For This Sweet Boy

“We have named this sweet boy Jetson,” Hero Dog Rescue shared, “and despite the awful trauma he has been through, he is as sweet as can be.”

But, for now, Jetson has healing to do with the help of Hero Dog Rescue. “We know he has a ways to go to recover, for his skin to heal, and he is so very skinny, but he is now in an amazing foster home getting the TLC he needs and deserves,”

Jetson Is Healing His Injuries and His Heart

Puppy Abandoned With Muzzle Taped Shut

A week later, Hero Dog Rescue shared an update on how Jetson was doing, and he’s made a lot of progress quickly.

“Jetson is doing well since his arrival to HDR.  He’s slowly gaining weight and starting to act and feel like a puppy should,” they wrote, along with a photo of Jetson looking much happier than the first video.

“Jetson’s life did not start out so great, but we are going to make sure he has the happy ending he deserves!” their post concluded. According to Hero Dog Rescue, Jetson isn’t ready to be adopted yet, so his details aren’t on their website. But if you live around Hero Dog Rescue in Cummings Georgia, keep an eye on the adoption page or Facebook for updates.

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