Puppy Mill Bulldog Narrowly Escapes Euthanasia: Why She’s Still Waiting for Love After 380 Days

Opal, a two-year-old Bulldog who was rescued from a puppy mill, sent to a shelter and narrowly escaped euthanasia, has been waiting for more than a year to find a permanent home. Her prolonged search for a forever family is likely impacted by her rare congenital condition, Spina Bifida. Opal’s story highlights the broader challenges faced by shelter dogs in securing homes, particularly for those with disabilities.

Opal, Puppy Mill Bulldog

But Opal’s rough road didn’t end there. After being rescued from SECCA shelter in Southern California, she was then abandoned at the vet’s office, by the so called “rescue group” where she was almost euthanized along with her sister Sadie. The vet’s office gave notice of euthanasia, and a Good Samaritan reached out to California Bully Rescue (CBR) for help

“The vet’s office gave notice of euthanasia, and a Good Samaritan reached out to CBR for help”

Audrey Bergen. CBR Volunteer

With a dedicated team and a well-devised plan, CBR successfully welcomed Opal and Sadie into their care on 12/12/22, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Uncovering Opal’s Challenges and Triumphs

It was not immediately known that Opal had Spina Bifida, a congenital condition affecting spinal development. “From being covered in feces, riddled with constant UTIs, and bilateral cherry eyes, amongst a multitude of other spina bifida-related ailments, we quickly figured it out,” explained Audrey, CBR volunteer.

Opal, Puppy Mill Bulldog

Spina Bifida results from abnormal prenatal development, leading to improperly fused vertebrae, which can cause incontinence, incoordination, and abnormal tail usage. Despite these challenges, Opal has shown remarkable resilience.

“Opal has been nothing short of a miracle! She’s living her best life while waiting for the perfect forever family.”

Audrey Bergen, CBR Volunteer

Overcoming Disability with Joy and Love

Opal, Puppy Mill Bulldog

Despite Opal’s condition, she remains an embodiment of joy and optimism. “Opal doesn’t mind getting dressed up and wears the cutest doggie diapers due to her incontinence,” Audrey shared adding, “Other than her diaper, Opal shows no signs of her disability and it will not shorten her lifespan.” Her spunky, sassy, and incredibly sweet nature has made her a favorite among the staff and volunteers. She is friendly with dogs, kids, and cats and loves to cuddle.

Opal, Puppy Mill Bulldog

A Patient Wait for the Perfect Match

At 2 years old and weighing about 30lbs, Opal is a petite, energetic bundle of love. Despite her bubbling personality, she has seen little interest from potential adopters, likely due to her disability. However, this has not dampened her spirits or her ability to enjoy life to the fullest. “She is calm, dog-friendly, cat-friendly, kid-friendly, and absolutely loves cuddles,” Audrey Bergen, CBR volunteer shared.

Her healthy spirit, goofiness, and the potential for a long, happy life make her an ideal companion for a loving family who can see beyond her physical limitations.

Opal, Puppy Mill Bulldog

For those considering adoption, Opal represents not just a dog in need of a home but an opportunity to embrace love, joy, and the unexpected surprises life brings. Her journey with CBR showcases the transformative power of care, compassion, and the unyielding spirit of animals like her, eagerly awaiting a chance to bring love and happiness into someone’s life.

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