Shelter Pup Surprises Rescuers By Radiating Joy Despite Limitations. So Why Won’t Anyone Adopt Him After 400 Days?

Imagine a dog with a gentle wobble, a gaze that touches your soul, and a heart full of love, yet continually overlooked. Meet Scrappy, a one-year-old terrier mix with a neurological disorder, whose longing for a family challenges our perceptions of the perfect pet. For over a year, Scrappy has waited for someone to see past his disability and discover the affectionate companion he is. But so far, no one wants Scrappy.


Despite these challenges, Scrappy remains an affectionate and sweet-natured dog. “When we say he has neurological issues, we mean that he is a little slower than an average dog,” explained Maritza Lopez, Animal Care Operations Supervisor at Valley Animal Center. Scrappy’s unique way of moving and his distinct gaze set him apart, but they also add to his endearing personality.

“Scrappy’s neurological issues manifest in his unique movements and interactions. He’s not as quick as other dogs, and he might stumble now and then. His gaze, too, is distinctively different. But these are the very traits that make him special,” Maritza said.

A Gaze That Speaks Volumes

Despite his physical challenges, Scrappy’s does have the ability to connect with people. “When Scrappy looks at you, it feels like he’s peering into your soul,” describes Alisia Sanchez, Marketing Manager at the shelter. “His beautiful hazel eyes are filled with such curiosity and love; it’s impossible not to be moved.”


His gentle demeanor and curiosity make him irresistible, and his affectionate nature shines through in his interactions. Scrappy enjoys playing with crunchy toys and relaxing in a soft, comfortable bed. He is best suited for a home with small or calm dogs, as he tends to eat random objects if left unattended. Lopez suggests that early training could make him more comfortable when alone.

As Months Turn Into Years…

As months turn into years, Scrappy’s wait continues. But his hope remains undiminished, fueled by the affection and care he receives from the shelter staff. “Scrappy deserves a chance at a happy life, just like any other dog,” Lopez asserts. “He has so much love to give, and he’s just waiting for someone to give him that opportunity.”

Currently in foster care, Scrappy has been adjusting well and endearing himself to his foster family, who enjoy discovering new facets of his personality daily. For potential adopters interested in Scrappy, Valley Animal Center provides detailed information about his medical needs. Despite his inability to control certain bodily functions, Scrappy manages day-to-day activities quite well, including eating and drinking independently.


Adapting to Life with Neurological Issues

Although Scrappy has not undergone specific training for his neurological condition, he has shown remarkable resilience. “He does have trouble with his balance at times, but he gets right back up!” Jenessey Gomez, Dog Care Associate in Animal Valley Center mentioned.


Scrappy’s playful nature is evident in his love for toys and smaller dogs, with whom he enjoys playing enthusiastically. “When he wasn’t napping, he was often seen playing with his kennel mates or hopping around,” added Maritza Lopez, Animal Care Operations Supervisor highlighting his active and sociable side.

A Loving and Watchful Forever Home for Scrappy

Scrappy requires constant supervision due to his tendency to consume anything within reach. Presently, his neurological condition doesn’t necessitate medication, but his future family must be prepared for potential medical commitments.

“Scrappy can live a happy life. Although we don’t know how long that will be, he deserves to find a home just like any other dog,” affirmed Lopez. His story is not just one of a dog waiting for a home; it’s a narrative of hope, resilience, and the power of unconditional love.


Understanding Scrappy’s Neurological Challenges

Based on Scrappy’s symptoms – his slower movements, occasional stumbles, and unique gaze – it’s likely that he may be experiencing a disorders like cerebellar hypoplasia, which affects balance and coordination, to more acquired issues such as vestibular disease, known for causing dizziness and disorientation. While the exact nature of Scrappy’s condition isn’t known, these types of neurological issues often result in the kind of gentle wobble and distinctive interactions he exhibits. It’s important to note that dogs with such conditions can lead fulfilling lives with proper care and love.

Can Dogs Have Autism?

The question of whether dogs can have autism is a topic of ongoing research and debate among veterinarians and animal behaviorists. While dogs can exhibit behaviors that are reminiscent of autistic traits in humans, such as repetitive actions and difficulties in social interaction, the veterinary community has not definitively classified these as autism. The complexity of diagnosing such conditions in animals arises from the challenge of applying human-centric criteria to dogs. However, understanding and acknowledging these behaviors is crucial in providing appropriate care and environment for dogs who exhibit them, ensuring they lead comfortable and fulfilling lives.

**UPDATE: Scrappy is no longer available**

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