This Dog Wears Roller Skates. Find Out Why.


Video Transcript

Adira’s mom:

“Adira!” She couldn’t stand up on her hind legs at all. She kind of just dragged her back half around. And so they put out a plea: come in and get this dog if she stays in the impound, they would’ve most likely just euthanized her.

And it didn’t take very long, couple weeks, and she was starting to be able to stand with her legs without them automatically just kicking back up to her side.

Adira sitting in the backyard

You know, up to that point, we had kind of been stuck in our yard because if we left her feet down, because she dragged her feet, we were burning through shoes every day, every time we went outside and that gets really expensive, cuz dog shoes are not cheap. So we needed to find something that was gonna allow us to be able to let her be a dog and that’s when we found out about the Maximus skates. Just like a basic dog shoe, but the wheels are pretty much on the top of the shoes.

So this band right here attaches around the top of her hock. And then the shoe obviously goes on her foot and the wheels are on the front so that when her foot is upside down, it keeps the shoe from rubbing.

Adira walking with roller skates
Adira uses Maximus skates so her feet don’t drag on the ground.

So, you know, in cases like with Adira, when she’s dragging her feet, the shoe is not actually touching the ground. The wheels are allowing their feet to still move freely.

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As soon as we put him on her feet, it was, oh my goodness, something happened. Something’s changing. It was almost like her confidence completely changed once we took her out of the yard. Now we could do more dog stuff. We could go exploring, we could walk down the street. You could start to see the definition of the muscles. She didn’t just have these tiny little chicken legs.

The skates were a complete game changer for us. They gave her the freedom to do things that we hadn’t been able to do before. We were walking but we were rehabbing at the same time because the skates were allowing her to really move those muscles and work those muscles. You could just see that she was happier!

“Adira here…”, Adira became my inspiration to go back to school and get my certification as a vet tech. She became more than just my pet; she became my goal, you know, she gave me my inspiration for life.

Once I was comfortable working with her and understanding what disabled life was all about, I figured out, you know, what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Adira wears Roller Skates in unicorn costume


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