UNBELIEVABLE Transformation Of A Crusty White Dog

For every well-loved and pampered pooch on this planet, there are far too many underdogs living in dangerous, scary conditions. Some of these dogs spend their entire lives being neglected, abused, and forgotten, but through the efforts of dedicated volunteers around the world, many of these dogs find loving forever homes!

Thankfully, this is exactly what happened to Delilah, a crusty white dog from Bali, Indonesia.

Meet Delilah

Delilah, crusty white dog

When Charlotte, a volunteer with Mission PAWsible, first met Delilah, she knew she had to help. Her first attempt to capture this skittish pup failed, and she notes that it “took about a week” before she saw her again. This time, Charlotte enlisted the help of a local man, and they safely captured Delilah.


From the streets, Delilah was transported to a clinic. Prue, the director of Mission PAWsible, was horrified by this crusty white dog’s condition. She recalls that Delilah was “hairless, sunburned,” and covered in an unknown skin condition.

Fortunately, after only a month in Mission PAWsible’s clinic, Delilah was a new pup! Her hair began to grow back, and she learned to play with other dogs. She also learned how to love and trust people, and her skittishness faded away. “She’s very flirtatious,” Prue said of this new Delilah.

Delilah, the crusty white dog, Before & After rescue
Source: @joyfullylilahdelilah

Once she was well enough, Delilah was briefly sent to a foster home. Her bubbly personality quickly earned her a new home with Amelia and her husband! With her new parents’ help, Delilah quickly learned many commands and tricks. She has also enjoyed lots of walks, cuddles, and snuggles! 

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Today, she is affectionately known as “Lilah”, the no-longer crusty white dog!

Happy Delilah

How You Can Help Dogs Like Delilah

There are millions of dogs like Delilah all over the world. In addition to raising awareness of animal welfare and promoting spaying and neutering of pets, you can help save these animals by partnering with global rescue organizations like Mission PAWsible

Photo of Delilah from Mission Pawsible Website of a previously crusty white dog
Source: Mission Pawsible

You can be a hero, too! By donating your time, energy, and (if possible) home to animals in need, you can help end the plight of suffering crusty white dogs around the world.

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