This Dog Was Found Tied up at a Car Dealership Freezing… What Happens Next is PRECIOUS!

Video Transcript

Missy (Bull Luv Able Paws Rescue):

There were neighbors that had seen this dog tied up to a little post. It was freezing outside. It was awful weather, a really busy intersection, a really busy street, and somebody literally just dumped her and tied her there. It was horrible.

It was kind of chaos at first, she kind of slunk down when people attempted to pet her or touch her. At first you could tell that she was either a little bit hand shy, or both hand and foot shy. She definitely had some sores and things like that on her hind legs on her feet. She definitely wasn’t cared for.

[Missy knew the perfect family to help Chevy and reached out to Carrie to see if she could help]

Carrie (Chevy’s Adopter):

Rob saw this dog on this post. I ignored it cuz I figured he would say no anyway. He sees it, he thinks it’s a male, and he comes up to me and says, “Hey, did you see this? Missy needs a foster”. I’m usually sneaking dogs in and pretending that I have no clue what you’re talking about. He was like, we need to contact her.

The original thing was to foster. I love fostering. The sad thing with her, she was so sad and she was so scared. All she wanted was to sit in my lap and and be held. She didn’t know where she was or what was going on. She slept on my chest for weeks on end.

[Chevy however got some unexpected help who normally was very guarded around female dogs]

She’s a handful. She’s like four dogs. Sophia just took to her. She usually sleeps with her head on my shoulder. She makes any other dog sleep somewhere else. Now, Chevy was sleeping with me right here, and then Sophia was on the other side. When Chevy was spayed, Sophia was so worried about her. She had the cone on her head. She didn’t feel good, and Sophia laid right by her and it just put her head on her and she protected her from everybody else.

[Not only did Sophia help Chevy grow confident but also Chevy helped Sophia with her anxiety and fear as well]

Carrie continues:
She’s scared of the world, anything and everything. She just now wants to go on for walks. She was scared of men. It took her three and a half years and she just now likes my husband. And that’s because of Chevy. It’s like she’s a whole different dog because of Chevy. Chevy’s kinda like Sophia’s service animal and Sophia’s kind of like Chevy’s best friend.

[Now Chevy lives with her new family and Sophia; doing everything together and supporting each other]

You can’t judge an animal, a person or whatever, but before you get to know him and each dog, each animal has their own personality. What it is right here is not about love. I just think people need to be less judgy, honestly. I think they need to give ’em a chance.

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Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

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