They Found This Homeless Puppy Shivering On The Streets – What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart ❤️

Mr. Waffles, a nearly one-year-old pit mix, spent the entirety of his early life as a street dog, unfamiliar with the comforts of a home or the kindness of human companionship. Abandoned and left to fend for himself, his days were about survival, scavenging for food, and navigating the challenges of life without a safe haven.


Now, under the care of Delilah’s 2nd Chance Rescue, Waffles is quickly learning that life indoors isn’t such a bad thing!

Waffles’ Remarkable Journey

Before finding refuge with Delilah’s, Waffles’ life was far from easy. Found as a stray, he faced the harsh realities of street life. “We believe Waffles wasn’t accustomed to indoor living, and if he was, it wasn’t the loving environment he deserved,” explains Ashley Masur from Delilah’s Rescue. Despite his rough start, Waffles has shown incredible adaptability and eagerness to embrace his new life.

Waffles and Chicken

Waffles wasn’t alone when he was rescued. He was found alongside his brother, Chicken, who has since been adopted. “They were inseparable, and it was heartwarming to see their bond,” recalls Ashley. “Now, Waffles is ready to form that kind of special connection with a family of his own.”

A Bundle of Joy and Goofiness

“Mr. Waffles is the epitome of happiness,” shares Ashley. “He’s incredibly playful and has an infectious energy that lights up any room.” Known for his goofy antics and love for playtime, Waffles has become a favorite among both his canine companions and human friends at his current foster home.


The Great Escape Artist

“He’s made a few attempts to revisit his street life,” says Greg Broems of K9 Adventures PSL, where Waffles is currently fostered. “But now, he’s content and no longer tries to escape. He’s learning what it means to be a cherished house dog.”

After being adopted out once, he astoundingly managed to push open the front door of his new home. Waffles then found refuge in the dense brush nearby, eluding capture for some time.

In another instance, despite being in the care of an experienced dog handler who was aware of his background, Waffles’ adventurous spirit led him to seize an opportunity at a dog park. He slipped away when a gate was opened, embarking on a week-long evasion.

During this time, he avoided human contact, navigating the streets with the skills honed from his past life. It was only when he finally placed his trust in a neighbor that he was safely returned.

“Waffles is currently in a foster home where he is extremely happy and comfortable and does not try and make a run for it anymore!! 🤣 He’s now learning how to be the most perfect house dog and he can’t wait to find his forever home,” Ashley said.

Learning to Trust and Thrive

Waffles & other dogs

Initially, Waffles was anxious and hesitant about human interaction. “It took time for him to trust us, but once he did, he transformed into the best companion,” shares Greg, his foster. His progress is a testament to his resilience and the loving care he’s received.

A Bright Future Ahead

Fully vaccinated, house trained, and crate trained, Waffles is also excelling in his basic command training. “He’s incredibly smart and picks up new commands quickly,” says a trainer at the rescue. His striking blue eyes hint at a possible husky lineage, adding to his unique charm.

Your Chance to Make a Difference

As Waffles continues to thrive and show off his loving nature, he eagerly awaits a family that can embrace his past and continue his journey of growth and learning. “He’s ready to find his forever home,” says a rescue representative. “Could that be with you?”


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