Stressed-Out Shelter Dog Kept Getting Passed Over Until He Got These Two Gifts

No two shelter dogs are the same, which is why it can make a world of difference when a stressed-out pup like Cassian has his individual needs met while waiting for a forever home. He’s been settling in at the Seattle Animal Shelter over the last two months, but things took a major turn for the better when his rescuers figured out why he was so overwhelmed.

Stressed-Out Shelter Dog Kept Getting Passed Over Until He Got These Two Gifts

“He’s like if a giant pug and a beluga whale had a baby”

Shelter Volunteer

On June 21, the shelter shared the sweetest TikTok video of Cassian and the way he decompresses during long days in the kennel. It’s no wonder why viewers are praising the shelter volunteers for their dedication to Cassian’s wellbeing, but it is a wonder how he hasn’t been adopted yet!

@seattle_animal_shelter Cassian’s adoption is FREE!! He’s been with us over 6 weeks and is super stressed in his kennel. Looking for adopters or fosters for this squishmallow! #adoptme #adoption #foster #goofball #shelter #animalshelter #shelterdog #dogsoftiktok #seattledogs #dogsofinstagram #reels #tiktok #capcut #animal #foryou #fyp #fypage #foryoupage #foryoupage❤️❤️ #pug #boxer #pitbull #beluga #tadpole #marshmallow #cute #funny #videos #animalvideos #dogvideos ♬ original sound – seattleanimalshelter

This “Squishy roly poly oly tadpole of a dog” seems to love spending time with people and sharing snacks, but one look at that happy face is all it’ll take for the right person to fall in love. This enthusiastic Boxer-mix boy “has the face of a pug on the body of a mini-bully,” though his personality is just as unique as his appearance.

Here’s the difficult thing: Cassian gets super stressed out in his kennel. Whenever someone passes by, he can’t help but jump at the door to say hi back. He gets so excited at the prospect of leaving the kennel! Shelter staff calmed him down by covering his kennel, but that made it even more difficult for adopters to see him. Fortunately, some creative video viewers had the best idea!

@seattle_animal_shelter Replying to @ Cassian blanket for the win!!! This soft and cuddly blanket is almost as soft and cuddly as Cassian himself. We will send it home with his adoptive family whenever he gets adopted ☺️ #cassian #acotar #capcut #blanket #reply #comment #shelter #adopt #funny #funnyvideos #gofundme #adoption #adoptdontshop #adoptme #foster #fosterdog #seattle #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #foryoupage❤️❤️ ♬ original sound – seattleanimalshelter

That blanket is just as precious as Cassian himself! Even though he doesn’t need it to help adopters see him anymore (he went to a foster home on June 22), it will be the sweetest gift for the resilient pup and his forever family.

Stressed-Out Shelter Dog Kept Getting Passed Over Until He Got These Two Gifts

If you’re near the Seattle area and want to learn more about Cassian, you can check out the Seattle Animal Shelter’s Petango profiles. Their website also has more information about the adoption process. Could Cassian be your next best friend?

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