Abandoned Dog Was Too Scared To Move But Her Reaction Was Pure Gold When I Gave Her A Treat

The minute I laid eyes on her, my heart broke. There she was, frozen in fear, unable to move inside her kennel. I was watching her on my phone camera and she just looked so scared and awkward, unsure of what to do.

sitting with dogs 24 - Mila

As an animal rescuer and advocate, I wanted nothing more than to comfort this sweet boxer girl, but I knew I had to take it slow and give her space to get acclimated. The team at Animal Friends in the Valley had just rescued her after she was found wandering near the shelter, malnourished and without identification.

I knew from experience that patience was key. “We want to just give her a minute to get comfortable with just my presence in her space,” I said to my wife Kelly, who was filming me. “It’s all about letting her move at her pace.”

sitting with dogs 24 - Mila

Starting Small to Build Trust

I was determined to reach out to her, step by step. I tossed a few treats her way as a friendly overture. Timidly, she crept forward to eat them. Her ribs were visible through her brindle coat – she clearly needed nourishment.

sitting with dogs 24 - Mila

“This is good. This is a really good sign, especially because you can see she needs treats. She’s skinny,” I remarked hopefully.

Gradually, over the next few minutes, the scared pup overcame her apprehension. First a quick tail wag, then – to my astonishment – she was smothering me in happy doggy kisses.

“What? This is turning into much faster than I would have thought!” I laughed.

sitting with dogs 24 - Mila

A Sweet Nature Emerges

All the fear evaporated instantly, revealing the affectionate boxer personality I know and love. Her foster family later told me she is very sweet and quiet, but also a little spunky. She loves to curl up on people’s laps for snuggles.

sitting with dogs 24 - Mila

“I wonder what her story is,” I wondered as I cuddled the skinny girl. As I connected with Alexis over speakerphone, we delved into the boxer’s past. She was found near the shelter, a mere two years old and not spayed. The details were scarce, but her presence there seemed almost fateful. “It’s like she knew she needed help,” I reflected, noting her malnourished state and the mystery surrounding her abandonment.

From experience rescuing dogs, I guessed perhaps she had simply gotten lost and been fending for herself on the streets for a while.

sitting with dogs 24 - Mila

A New Name

We decided to name the newly rescued pup Mila, which means “love.” She certainly deserved all the love coming her way after struggling to survive. I whispered positive affirmations in her floppy ears, promising life would only get better for her. My hope is that by sharing her story, it inspires people to consider adoption and helps match Mila with a forever home.

There’s no doubt – life is better with dogs. And dogs like Mila remind me why I do what I do. If you want to help pets like her, you can do so by donating, volunteering, adopting, or even simply sharing heroic rescue stories to raise awareness. We have an incredible community of animal lovers. Together, we can give as many dogs as possible a second chance.

sitting with dogs 24 - Mila

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