This Dog’s Growling At Me, Can I Win Him Over?

The Moment of Connection

“Hi, it’s okay,” I remember saying, my voice echoing slightly in the kennel. I was addressing a dog, growling softly at me from the corner. It was a typical day at the shelter, but for me, every encounter with these animals is unique. This time, it was with Nigel, a dog whose initial distrust slowly melted into a heartwarming bond. (see full video above)

Breaking the Ice

The kennel was noisy, filled with the sounds of barking dogs and the bustling activities of the shelter. I was live, sharing this experience with an audience who, like me, held a deep affection for these animals. “Where are you going, bud?” I asked Nigel, who was cautiously moving around. I decided to take it slow, respecting his space and trying to earn his trust.

Discovering Nigel’s Personality

Nigel was probably a Shepsky (shepherd / husky mix), with a beautiful coat and striking heterochromic eyes, one eye blue and the other brown. He was timid but warmed up quickly, a trait that became more evident as we spent time together. He was alert to other dogs but didn’t bark, a good sign for his potential adoption.

The Power of Treats

Nigel was hiding behind me, a clear sign of his nervousness. I understood his hesitation. After all, he had no idea why he was here. I reached for some treat sticks, hoping to break the ice. “Let’s see if he’ll take a treat from me,” I said, offering one to him. To my delight, he accepted it. It was a small victory, but a significant one.

Understanding Nigel

As I sat there, trying to connect with Nigel, I learned more about him. He was about a year and a half old, an owner turn-in. “No judgment,” I reminded myself and my audience. “We never know what people are going through.” It was important to set aside judgment and focus on helping Nigel.

Building Trust

I continued to interact with Nigel, offering him treats and gentle pets. I avoided too much eye contact initially, as he had been growling at me earlier. But soon, I felt comfortable enough to remove my lead. “Treats are like the gateway into friendship with dogs,” I joked, feeling a connection forming between us.

The Community’s Support

The live audience was incredibly supportive, sending love and donations to help cover Nigel’s adoption fee and neutering costs. It was heartwarming to see the community come together for Nigel’s sake. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” I expressed, overwhelmed by their generosity.

The Transformation

The most touching moment came when Nigel, who had started by growling at me, ended up in my lap, seeking affection. It was a testament to the power of patience and kindness. “From him going to growling at me to hanging out in my lap, there’s nothing better,” I shared, my heart full.

The Call for Adoption

As our time together drew to a close, I made a plea to the audience. “Run, don’t walk down here to adopt him,” I urged. Nigel had shown himself to be a loving, gentle dog, deserving of a forever home.

Final Thoughts

Sitting with Nigel was an experience that reinforced my belief in the power of compassion and patience. It was a reminder of the impact we can have on these animals’ lives, and the incredible support of a community that comes together for the welfare of these loving creatures. “Thanks for sitting with dogs with me,” I concluded, hopeful for Nigel’s future.

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