Shelter Dog Rescued After Being Dumped Desperately Awaits Adoption  


As each day breaks, almost every shelter dog wakes up with their hearts filled with a persistent, profound longing for their dream home: a home where they’ll experience love, security, and companionship in a way they’ve never before. And even though there may be a tiny crack in their wall of hope, their eyes still manage to brim with the anticipation of winning the interest of a potential adopter by the end of the day. It’s not easy to keep the hope alive, but these lovely dogs try their best to get it together. 

Shelter Dog Rescued After Being Dumped Desperately Awaits Adoption  

Among these hopeful furry souls is Glimmer, a 2-year-old Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix residing at Lovebugs Rescue in California. Despite enduring a painful past marred by abandonment, Glimmer willingness to give happiness another shot remains untainted. 

A Dull Past, a Possibly Bright Future

Glimmer has had her share of the bitter taste of abandonment, so she knows how much of a blessing having a stable, loving family is. She was among the dozens of dogs rescued after being dumped, and even though the shelter doesn’t have a full scope of her entire past, they suspect that her life before this rescue was anything but pleasant. 

Shelter Dog Rescued After Being Dumped Desperately Awaits Adoption  

Nonetheless, Glimmer chose to view her rescue as the beginning of a fresh start to life. But like every other shelter dog, she still wants nothing more than to experience a fulfilling life beyond the shelter walls; with a real family. 

Could You Give Glimmer Her Happy Ending?

The shelter describes 11-pound Glimmer as a loving, loyal companion who only wants to love and be loved right back. Although she’s not the most confident dog in the room, she has great potential to forge strong bonds with her loved ones. Her previous foster family can attest to this.

Shelter Dog Rescued After Being Dumped Desperately Awaits Adoption  

Glimmer has only one request to make to her soon-to-be family: that they be patient with her, since she doesn’t warm up to people right away (but she eventually does, and when this happens, her tail is constantly on full wagging mode). Her leash manners and good overall behavior make Glimmer a worthy canine family member. She’d be more than happy to be part of a household that has another dog, as she tends to get along pretty well with her fellow canine mates.

Above all, Glimmer would prefer a quiet home that doesn’t always have a lot going on every other day. If you’re out there wiling to give Glimmer the forever home she so deserves, please reach out to Lovebugs Rescue for more information about her adoption. 

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