Foster Dog’s Water-Chomping Shenanigans Are Too Adorable to Miss!

Isabel Klee is an experienced NYC dog foster owner and rescue advocate, but her current foster baby just may be more popular than the video creator herself. Meet Poutine! This velveteen ‘house hippo’ has been stealing hearts since she first came home with Isabel from Muddy Paws Rescue, and she’s been showing more and more of her personality every day.

Foster Dog's Water-Chomping Shenanigans Are Too Adorable to Miss!

On June 29, Isabel, her boyfriend, and their dog Simon witnessed Poutine’s most hilarious breakthrough yet: her love of the garden hose! Despite overcoming many health issues and adjusting to her new life, the foster pup was able to forget all of her worries as she played joyfully in the water.

@simonsits She’s taking her role as a land hippo VERY seriously @Muddy Paws Rescue ♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

It’s impossible not to smile while watching Poutine play! Her chomps and the sounds they make are simply too cute, and the joy in Isabel’s voice is impossible to deny. I’m not sure who loved this moment of summertime fun most!

Commenter @j.kyle79 said what everyone was thinking when she wrote, “Her forever family is going to be so lucky. She’s a little onion with so many layers.” You’ve got that right! She’s an entirely different dog than she was a few weeks ago, and it’s such a gift to see her blossoming before our eyes.

Foster Dog's Water-Chomping Shenanigans Are Too Adorable to Miss!
via Isabel Klee

The Gift of Fostering

Smile-inducing moments like this are the highlights that make fostering rescue dogs worth the effort and challenge. But don’t be fooled: caring for rescue dogs takes a lot of work and flexibility. Isabel and her boyfriend have been helping Poutine enjoy the little things in life, but they’ve also nursed her back to health through ear infections and pneumonia. In the end, however, walking through those struggles together only makes these moments of joy more special.

Poutine is adoptable through Muddy Paws Rescue in NYC, but thanks to Isabel’s videos, she’s popular. If you’re interested in adopting, please check out Muddy Paws to meet the other pups in their care!

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