Puppy That Went Blind From Neglect Lives Life To The Fullest

Though most see dogs as valued members of the family, this is sadly not always the case. There are many pet owners who are either unprepared, neglectful, or even downright cruel. But, just because a dog’s life start’s out rough doesn’t mean it can’t have an incredible future! 

Blind dog puppy

With the help of kind humans and their endless optimism, many dogs have been rehomed and can live happily and be well-loved. This is the story of Puddin, who refused to let her circumstances get in the way of living life to the fullest.

Puddin’s Story

From a very young age, Puddin had to deal with cruel and neglectful owners. Malnourished and sick, she soon developed a severe eye infection, but was once again betrayed by her owners and didn’t receive the treatment she needed.

The neighbors became aware of the situation and did everything they could to help the puppy, culminating in a full-blown legal battle. 

When the dust settled, the neighbors had won the case, and Puddin was given to a safe animal shelter but unfortunately her eye infection had gotten far worse.

The infection could have been life-threatening if it were allowed to fester, so the veterinarians had no choice but to remove her eyes.

blind dog with toy

Puddin wasn’t going to be so easily stopped, however. After a month-long recovery period, she was back on her feet and ready to be put up for adoption.

Soon, she was taken in and began her new life alongside her new owners. Though she may have been blind, she ran, played, and behaved as if she hadn’t lost her vision at all!

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With the ability and eagerness to learn plus some help from her human, she soon learned to navigate the house with ease, even climbing up and down the stairs. 

Today, Puddin lives a spoiled life alongside her doting humans, and her story serves as a reminder that our loyal companions can bounce back from anything, and learn to trust again.

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Caring for a Blind Dog

Most seeing humans can’t imagine how they would live without their vision, but for dogs, it’s a different story entirely. Our hardy little compatriots are quick learners, and will soon figure out how to get around with their other senses, especially smell. Though the circumstances leading up to their blindness may be tragic, there’s no need to feel sorry for their current state. With a bit of time and plenty of love, blind dogs will adapt, and live out the long, healthy life you want for them.

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