Pit Bull Stuck On Mountain Cliffside

Video Transcript

Jessica (Benny & Sky’s Owner):
He was this little thing on top of this like mountain cliff… he just looked so frightened.

This terrified pity was found stuck on a mountain cliff side.

Pity stuck on mountain cliff side

By the time that she got there, he was there for a while. And, um, she had like a hard time getting him down cuz he wasn’t being receptive. He was probably scared. He was like, you know, in a straight hold for like a week before anything. Um, I guess based on New Jersey laws and then with Danny for about two weeks, something just got to me. I was just like, oh my God, what happened? There’s just something about his like story. Um, and just like his smile that like, I just felt so connected to him. And then I showed Vern I was like, um, so by the way, I put an application in for a dog.

Benny the Pity stuck on mountain cliff side

But even though Benny found a new home, his separation anxiety was through the roof.

It’s been a long time since we had gotten a dog. So we’re like, we’ll leave him in our office. We’ll lock the door, you know, just to give him a little bit more space. When we got back, he had knocked on all of our plants, all ripped every paper, paper, there was dirt everywhere. We also had, uh, a metal crate after cleaning all that up. We’re like, okay, let’s set up the metal crate. Maybe he just needs a little bit more boundaries. He hated the metal crate.

Luckily he had his new sister Sky to help calm him down. Even if she was a little hesitant at first.

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Benny & Sky

Jessica & Vernon (Benny & Sky’s Owner):
Sky loved other dogs. So she was just like really calm with him. Like, so, you know, gentle with him and really tried to like welcome in, welcome in, in. And anytime he did something crazy would just a lot of the times and Sky would just look at him like, what are you doing, dude?

You know, at first, at first she gave us the look that, yeah… She was like, why is he here?
Yeah. Yeah. She was like, I told him, yeah, she, she kind of, she kind of became big sister and just, yeah, she became, he leaned on her…

Unfortunately their bond was cut short when Sky was diagnosed with cancer.

Sky the pity

Well, we did everything with her, from MRIs to biopsy. Yeah. All the testing we would do would either come back clean or inconclusive. They couldn’t find anything until the end, when she was like, everything started to spread.

Vernon (Benny & Sky’s Owner):
Benny, He definitely felt the energy level of Sky just went kind of somber. You know, he would just kind of walk around. There were a little bit of less zoomies, you know…

But there was Benny like being supportive in whatever capacity, like however she felt that day, he was like there to be there for her. So that, that was like really nice to have his support.

And after Sky passed, Benny has been right beside his parents offering them love and support every day.

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Benny & Sky

Jessica & Vernon:
He gave us something to look forward to and kind of keep going.
When these pets come into your life, you start to realize that they come into a necessary moment. You know, he gave us like this energy to, to say, Hey look, you know, there there’s, we can still, we can still enjoy her. You know, I’m here, let’s continue on. We’re gonna remember her.
And we get a hug every time we come home. Yeah. Like one of us is out or both of us are out. It never fails. It’s like every single time he like jumps on us and gives us a hug. But we definitely wanna get another dog, another rescue dog, but we’re gonna wait a little bit.

Benny & Sky

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