Meet The Pit Bull Beagle Mix

Looking for an adorable pup with a big personality? You may be on the market for a pit bull beagle mix. Also known as beagle pits (or as I like to call them Pitgles), these amazing dogs are gaining ground in the mixed breed popularity contest.

What Are Pit Bull Beagle Mixes Like?

Pit Bull Beagle Mix
Photo Source @dem_babies2 Meet Smalls & Khloe. They’re pit bull beagle mix brother & sister. They love squeaky balls, treats and stinky socks

Overall, the pit bull beagle mix will be on the larger end of the medium sized dog scale. They often weigh between 30–40 pounds and stand around 18–20 inches tall. If you’re looking for an energetic, loyal, and intelligent dog, then the pit bull beagle mix is your choice.

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The Benefits

pit bull beagle mix. Chloe
Photo Source: Chloe_the_Pitbull. This cute beagle pit lives in Western MA with 3 cats and 2 guinea pigs!

As with most mixed breed dog, the pit bull beagle hybrid will not be consistent across the board. That is, even though one parent is a purebred beagle and the other a pure pit, the pups (as evidenced from the photos in this article) do not look the same! When you mixed two breeds, the outcome is sort of like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get.

In general however, you can expect a beagle pit to exhibit some of the following qualities:

  • The protective nature of a pit bull
  • Beagle-like loyalty
  • Keen intellect
  • A big personality

What to Watch Out For

This pit bull beagle mix was adopted in 2017
Photo Source: @chili_the_chili_dog. Meet Chili Bartholomew Reginald Louis VII Douglas. This cutie with a big name was adopted in 2017 in Portland Oregon

However, no dog is perfect. Going from the breed standard of each, the pit bull beagle mix may have a few unique traits that set it apart from other dogs. Some of these qualities could pose unique challenges and may be a make-it-or-break-it deciding factor for some lifestyles and families.

meet Brandy. A perfect pit bull beagle mix
Photo Source: @pup_brandy. Meet Brandy from New Jersey. It looks like Brandy got equal parts bit and beagle.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face with a pit beagle is stubbornness. Both the beagle and the pit bull have a reputation for stubbornness. You’ll want to invest in a dog trainer from the start!

A Beagle pit mix
Photo Source: @thatonezachattack

In addition to their hard-headed personality, pit bull beagle mixes also may come with the following personality traits:

  • High energy and activity requirements
  • Protective instincts

Meet Some Pups

Whenever you’re looking to adopt or buy a new puppy, do your research! But since this hybrid is not a pure bred and there are no breed standards, research can be difficult. I recommend that you reach out to owners of pitbull beagle mixes so you can see them in action. I’ve included 5 beagle pits in this article with links to their instagram accounts, but there are many many more. Here are some popular hashtags on Instagram you can use to find other pitbull beagle mixes.







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