The Ultimate Fluff Overload: Nine Parti Yorkies on Instagram You Need To Follow Now!

Parti Yorkies—pronounced “party Yorkies”—are purebred Yorkshire Terriers with unique coloration caused by a recessive gene. Traditional Yorkies come in four two-toned color combinations, but Parti Yorkies are tri-colored with patches of white fur. Although Parti Yorkies don’t meet breed standards, they are still 100% Yorkshire Terriers, and can even be registered with the American Kennel Club. The only thing Parti-colored Yorkies can’t do is enter official breed dog shows. 

Parti Yorkies

So, if you’re an everyday dog owner looking for a uniquely colored, small-sized canine companion, the Parti Yorkie might be your perfect pup! 

Traditional Yorkie Coat Colors vs. Parti Yorkies: What’s the Difference?

To fully appreciate how special Parti Yorkies are, you need to see some traditionally colored Yorkies, first. All traditional color Yorkies are born black and tan, but their markings can fade and shift as they age, and eventually fall into one of four standard and kennel club-accepted colors:

  • Blue and Gold
  • Blue and Tan
  • Black and Gold
  • Black and Tan

Papuru (left) is a blue and gold Yorkshire Terrier, and Kiki (right) is a blue and tan Yorkie. “Blue” refers to a cool-toned steely gray in the dog world, so don’t expect to see bright blue or teal Yorkies anytime soon!

Parti Yorkies
Sources: @Papuru_Dog and @Kiki_51618

Lola (left) is a black and gold Yorkie, and Finley (right) is a black and tan. Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose a favorite—they’re all adorable! 

Parti Yorkies
Sources: @YorkLola_Nic and @WestOfIrelandPup

Meet 9 Adorable Parti Yorkies

Now that you know what the breed standard Yorkie colors look like, let’s dive into Parti-color Yorkies! Partis usually have a combination of white coloring plus standard Yorkie colors like blue, black, tan, and gold. There are also some extra-special Parti Yorkies whose coloring is so unique you might question whether you’re still looking at a purebred Yorkshire Terrier!

Without further ado, enjoy a selection of nine Parti Yorkies pictures generously shared by their humans on Instagram. 

1. Tito

Tito the Parti Yorkie
Source: @TitoThePartiYorkie

Tiny Tito is a five-year-old mostly white Parti Yorkie from California who—despite his small size—loves to hike and go on outdoor adventures with his brother and human companions. Tito’s brother is a traditional blue and tan Yorkshire Terrier, and they almost look like different breeds!

2. Dolly

Dolly the Parti Yorkie
Source: @RickP83

Sweet little Dolly is a chocolate Parti Yorkie, which is a rare and highly sought-after color! Chocolate is not a breed-standard color for Yorkshire Terriers and is rare on its own. When combined with the recessive Parti gene, chocolate becomes even rarer. Dolly is still just a pup, but she’s already living a pampered life with trips to the doggy spa, lots of naps, and plenty of time to play.

3. Milo

Milo the Parti Yorkie
Source: @Milo_The_Teacup_Parti_Yorkie

In this photo, Milo is just a puppy, but he won’t grow much more than this! Teacup Parti Yorkies like Milo are purebred Yorkshire Terriers whose parents, grandparents, etc., were selectively bred for their petite stature. “Teacup” isn’t an official size variation of the standard Yorkie, but rather an unofficial name for the purposeful breeding of extra-small dogs. Teacup dogs often have more health issues than standard-sized small dogs, but they sure are cute!

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4. Rocket Roux

Rocket the Parti Yorkie
Source: @RocketRouxRules

Rocket Roux’s white coloring is so unique, and looks almost like platinum blonde! This little Parti Yorkie might not immediately look tri-colored, but she has a white base/chest, blue fur on her back, and a golden head and mane—what a gorgeous pup. 

5. Ramenius

Ramenius the Parti Yorkie
Source: @RameniusPup

Ramenius is a super sweet little Parti Yorkie from Seattle, Washington who is mostly white with a blue saddle tan and a gold mask and ears. A cheerful pup who loves to go everywhere with his humans, Ramenius is just a little ball of sunshine!

6. Lucky

Lucky the Parti Yorkie
Source: @LuckyPartiYorkie

Lucky (left) is a super cute Parti Yorkie whose best friend Ginza (right) is a blue merle Pomeranian! Two unique-looking pups, Lucky and Ginza turn heads wherever they go. 

7. Boba

Boba the Parti Yorkie
Source: @ItsBobaThePartiYorkie

Boba is a “beefy” 3.5-pound Parti Yorkie with typical Terrier confidence that struts his stuff on the streets of the Big Apple! Three years old and quite the handsome little man, Boba would look like a traditional blue and gold Yorkshire Terrier if it weren’t for his white chest and legs. 

8. Tinsley

Tinsley the Parti Yorkie

Source: @Tinsley_Carter

Tinsley is a senior Parti Yorkie and looks super happy and healthy at twelve years old! Tinsley lives a super fun life with sister Stella and their humans in Las Vegas and is mostly white with just a few patches of black and golden face. 

9. Louie

Louie the Parti Yorkie
Source: @LouieThePartiYorkie

Louie is a five-year-old Parti Yorkie from Colorado who might, at first glance, look like a traditional blue and tan Yorkshire Terrier. Once you take a closer look at little Louie, you’ll notice that he has a white base coat with a tan face and a blue saddle tan. What a little teddy bear!

Parti Yorkie Basic Info

What is a Parti Yorkie? Is it a true Yorkshire Terrier, or is it a mix of two different breeds? Parti Yorkies are purebred, 100% Yorkshire Terriers and can be kennel club registered despite their non-standard colors. While you won’t be able to show a Parti Yorkie in breed conformation shows, there’s no other difference between owning a standard-colored Yorkie and a Parti Yorkie.

To produce these uniquely colored pups, Parti Yorkie breeders perform genetic testing on their breeding pairs, searching for a recessive gene that produces the white fur and tri-coloration of Parti Yorkies. Breeders who are invested in the breed standard of Yorkshire Terriers may also perform DNA testing to eliminate this recessive gene from their bloodlines, but it is not harmful to the dog’s health and is purely an aesthetic choice. 

Dogs like Parti Yorkies are easy to fall in love with—they’re just so darn cute! Before you decide to bring any dog into your home, it’s important to find out whether that breed will be right for your lifestyle. Yorkshire Terriers are terrific pets, but don’t expect these adorable little dogs to act like stuffed animals—they have the courageous heart of a ratting dog! 

Parti Yorkie Temperament

parti yorkie
Source: SpritDog

Yorkshire Terriers—regardless of color—are affectionate, friendly, curious little dogs who bond closely with their humans, love children, and greet guests and strangers like part of the family. Even very friendly and well-socialized Yorkies can still be human-selective, and may choose one member of the family as their “person.” Not as good with dogs, some Yorkies suffer from “small dog syndrome” and may behave as though they can take on dogs 50 times their size in a fight. Sometimes reactive and vocal, Yorkies won’t hesitate to make their feelings known whether it be love and happiness or stress and annoyance. 

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“Yorkies have no idea they are little. They have the attitude and bravery of a dog ten times their size, trapped in a tiny fluffy body,” says a comment on a Reddit thread asking what to expect when you own a Yorkshire Terrier. “They were originally bred as ratters to hunt small vermin, and the instinct is still quite strong in some, so they aren’t typically going to be an off-leash dog, and don’t be surprised or alarmed if your Yorkie successfully catches something.” 

Playful and energetic, Yorkies love physical exercise as much as mental stimulation and enjoy games, puzzles, and adventuring with their pack. Though they are often happy-go-lucky, Yorkies are also very watchful and can be territorial of their homes and families. Some can be stubborn, and their high intelligence can make them very capable of picking up on training, though they may not always be willing to take on the task of learning. 

An experienced Yorkie owner, the Reddit comment continues with specific advice. “Yorkies are very smart and equally stubborn, and will rule your house! They are exceptionally loyal and every one of the 8 I’ve personally had throughout my life love nothing more than to snuggle with their person. Mine have all tended to bond very strongly with one person, and I have had some issues with separation anxiety to deal with. They can [also] be a little tricky to house train, [and] they can be yappy—be careful you don’t encourage excessive barking as a pup.”

Parti Yorkie Size

Parti Yorki
Source: Pinterest

The Parti Yorkie full-grown is a small dog and classified as a Toy Breed along with Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Maltese. Full-grown Parti Yorkies stand around 7–8 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 3–8 pounds, or around 7 pounds on average. 

Teacup Yorkies are under 5 pounds but are not an official size variant of the breed. 

Parti Yorkie Health

Yorkshire Terriers are prone to several health problems that can threaten their quality of life and longevity. Like many small breeds, Yorkies are typically long-lived but can develop serious issues throughout their lifetime. If you own a Parti Yorkie, keep an eye out for signs of these health issues, and be sure to bring your dog to regular checkups with their veterinarian. 

  • Bladder stones
  • Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Clotting disorders (e.g. coagulopathy)
  • Heart disease 
  • Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis 
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • Joint issues (e.g. luxating patella, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease)
  • Liver issues (e.g. liver shunt)
  • Pancreatitis
  • Seizures
  • Tooth and gum diseases 
  • Tracheal collapse

Where To Find Parti Yorkie Puppies

Parti Yorkie
Source: Pinterest

It is extremely important—especially when buying a popular breed like the Yorkshire Terrier—to do your research before you commit to a Parti Yorkie for sale. Breeding dogs is an enormous commitment and isn’t something you should do for profit. The vast majority of ethical breeders produce maybe one litter per year and place enormous emphasis on performing the proper health and genetic testing and enriching the lives of their dogs. These breeders would never sell their puppies to a pet store, so under no circumstances should you purchase a Yorkie from a pet store or similar establishment. 

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The best place to start looking for Parti Yorkies for sale is by contacting reputable breeders affiliated with official kennel clubs. The American Kennel Club marketplace can help you find puppies from ethical breeders near you, and you can search by breed. The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America also has a comprehensive breeder referral list organized by state.

Another good way to find reputable Parti Yorkie breeders is by connecting with Parti Yorkie owners! Ask the people you meet where they found their Parti Yorkie puppy, and consider joining forums or breed enthusiast groups to start reading reviews and experiences from other dog lovers. 

You can also consider adopting a Parti Yorkie! While you probably won’t find one in your local shelter, it’s always worth a visit to see if you meet your new best friend. If your heart is set on a Parti Yorkie, take a look at breed-specific rescues that specialize in Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkie mixes. 

Parti Yorkie FAQ

There’s so much more to say about the Parti-colored Yorkie, but we only have time for a few more fun facts about the breed. To round things up, we’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the Parti Yorkie. 

What is the life expectancy of a Parti Yorkie? 

The average lifespan of a Parti Yorkie is 11–15 years

How much does a Parti Yorkie cost? 

Prices for Parti Yorkies can vary, but on average, most breeders will ask around $1,500–$3,000 for a Parti Yorkie puppy. If you choose to adopt a Yorkie, you’ll probably pay around $150–$500 depending on the rescue/shelter you work with.

Are Parti Yorkies more expensive than traditional Yorkies? 

Often, yes, Parti Yorkies are more expensive than Yorkshire Terriers in traditional colors because producing Parti Yorkies involves a recessive gene which can be harder to isolate and fewer puppies in each litter will show the physical traits of the Parti gene. 

Do Parti Yorkies need regular grooming? 

Yes! Yorkshire Terriers have fur that grows continuously, so you will need to give your Parti Yorkie haircuts regularly both for their comfort and for the health of their coat. Professional grooms in addition to regular brushing and home coat care are necessary parts of owning a Yorkie. 

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