The Party Starts with Parti Poodles: A Colorful Twist on a Classic Breed

Have you ever heard of a Parti Poodle? No, not a “party” Poodle, a Parti Poodle! 

Parti Poodles are purebred Poodles with a solid white base coat and spots or patches of a second color like black, red, or apricot. Parti Poodles should have a color ratio of 50:50 white to the secondary color, but it can be more or less. This coloration is the result of the MITF gene, which is also called the piebald gene. 

Like their solid-colored counterparts (like the black Poodle), Parti Poodles are intelligent, energetic, and social. Beautiful and available in various colors, the Parti Poodle could be your perfect family dog! Keep reading to learn more. 

Meet 5 Parti Poodles

If you didn’t believe us when we said Parti-colored Poodles are beautiful, these photos will speak for themselves! These pups are positively modelesque. 

1. Romeo Candore De Montague

Romeo the Parti Poodle
Source: @PartiPoodle_Romeo

Romeo is a seven-year-old black and white Parti Poodle who always looks like he’s standing at attention for the world’s greatest dog shows. Romeo loves the finer things in life like fish, butter, and lamb, but he despises being left out of any and all socializing! 

2. Jennie

Jennie the Parti Poodle
Source: @Jennie_Parti.Standard.Poodle

Jennie (right) is a cafe au lait standard Parti Poodle from Derbyshire, England! The best way to describe the cafe au lait coloring is a sort of silver-beige-brown color that can lean warmer or cooler depending on the individual. 

3. Ellie

Ellie the Parti Poodle
Source: @EllieThePartiPoodle

Ellie is a red and white Parti standard Poodle with a lovely happy-go-lucky personality! This beautiful girl always has her hair done and always has that smile on her face. 

4. Sina

Sina the Parti Poodle
Source: @Pudel_Sina

Sina from Germany is a Parti miniature Poodle who is always outside adventuring with her humans! Notice how much smaller Miss Sina is than the standard Poodles above?

5. Mocha

Mocha the Parti Poodle
Source: @Mocha.Parti.ToyPoodle

Speaking of size difference, Mocha is a Parti toy Poodle, and the smallest variety of purebred Poodle at just 6.7 pounds! Mocha is three years old, lives in Seattle, and is considered a “chocolate” Parti Poodle. 

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Parti Poodle Basic Info

If you’ve fallen in love with the gorgeous look of the Parti Poodle, just wait until you learn everything else about this breed! Poodles are one of the world’s most popular dog breeds and for good reason. Hyper-intelligent, human-focused, and capable of fitting into lots of different lifestyles, Poodles—whether they’re solid or multi colored Poodles—make excellent pets. 

Parti Poodle Temperament

Originally bred as hunting dogs for German duck hunters, Poodles have excellent attentiveness that makes them excel as service dogs and working dogs. Their athletic build and can-do-attitudes make them good for families with children—the Parti Poodle can certainly keep up. 

“We bought a female Parti Poodle [and she was] one of the best dogs we have had,” said a Reddit user in their comment on a thread about Parti Poodles. “She was super goofy, loved to bark, LOVED to eat, her soul was golden, and she was a true companion. Her name was Mushu and she lived a nice long life of 13 years.”

Because of their intelligence, Parti Poodles pick up on training and commands quickly. Training can be a breeze, but be aware that Poodles may also grow bored, or notice inconsistencies in your behavior. A good understanding of canine behavior is helpful for a Poodle owner, but this breed can also be excellent for first-timers. 

party poodle vs parti poodle

Parti Poodle Size

Parti Poodles—and all other multi and solid colored Poodles—come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. 

Parti Poodle Size Chart
Standard Parti PoodleMiniature Parti PoodleToy Parti Poodle
Height15+ inches10–15 inches10 inches or less
Weight40–70 pounds10–15 pounds4–6 pounds

Parti Poodle Health

In comparison to smaller varieties, standard Parti Poodles are more prone to gastrointestinal issues like bloat and dilatation volvulus. These conditions require immediate medical attention, and could potentially be fatal. 

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Conditions like luxating patellas and Legg-Calve-Perthes are more common in miniature and toy Poodles standard Partis. 

Some health issues to be aware of no matter the size of your Parti Poodle include:

  • Hip & elbow dysplasia
  • Eye and vision problems
  • Idiopathic epilepsy 
  • Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Von Willebrand Disease (a bleeding/clotting disorder)
  • Immune-mediated disorders (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, cancer)

Where To Find Parti Poodle Puppies

There are countless Poodle breeders in the US, so finding a reputable one isn’t too difficult! We recommend getting started with the American Kennel Club marketplace where you can connect with registered breeders around the country. 

Of course, we always encourage you to consider rescuing a dog! If your heart is set on a Parti Poodle, check out breed-specific rescues like the Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation.

Parti Poodle FAQ

Discover more details about the Parti Poodle with frequently asked questions from curious dog lovers like you. 

What’s the difference between a Parti Poodle and a Phantom Poodle?

Parti Poodles are any Poodles with solid white base coats with spots of one other color. The base color must be white for a Poodle to be considered Parti colored, but the spots may be any other color. 

Phantom Poodles also have a solid base coat, but the base color may be black, brown (chocolate), red, or silver. Phantom Poodles also have specific markings, whereas Parti Poodles may have entirely unique markings. 

How rare are Parti Poodles?

Somewhat rare. Parti Poodles are not necessarily difficult to produce, but they aren’t in as much demand as solid-color Poodles. For this reason, you may have to search a little more to find a Parti Poodle breeder. 

How much are Parti Poodles worth? 

To purchase a Parti Poodle puppy from a reputable breeder, you should expect to pay between $1,000—$2,500

Are Parti Poodles purebred?

Yes! Parti Poodles are purebred multi-colored Poodles. 

Why are Parti Poodles called Parti Poodles? Where did the name come from?

The name “Parti Poodle” originated from the term “Parti-colored,” which historically referred to a type of multi-colored attire worn during the 17th and 18th centuries. The fashion trend involved clothing featuring two or more distinct colors in a specific arrangement. Over time, the term was adopted to describe dogs with a similar coloring pattern, giving rise to the name “Parti Poodles.”

Are Parti Poodles hypoallergenic? 

Yes…sort of. No dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but Poodles are possibly as close as you can get. A Poodle’s coat is very low-shedding and is well-known to be more tolerated by people with allergies than other dog breeds. 

Here’s what a Reddit user with dog allergies had to say about the matter in their comment on a thread about Poodles and allergies: “I personally am very allergic to dogs and I have my own poodle, he never gives me problems but again allergies are very subjective and affect others differently! I am lucky to have my puppy be a non-irritant to my allergies.”

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