6 Healthy Dog Foods Even the Pickiest Yorkies Will Love

best dog food for yorkies

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One of the most important things about responsible dog ownership is feeding your pup the right diet. In this guide, we’re talking about what these little dogs need to stay happy and healthy, and sharing our recommendations for the best dog food for Yorkies. 

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Best Dog Foods for Yorkies

Here’s a quick rundown of our top six picks for the best dog for yorkies before we dive in. 

BrandGrain?First 5 IngredientsPrice
Best Raw: We Feed RawGrain-free1. Beef Heart
2. Beef Liver
3. Beef Kidney
4. Beef Necks (with bone)
5. WFR vitamin + mineral mix

Best Air-Dried: Sundays For Dogs
Grain-inclusive1. Beef
2. Beef Heart
3. Beef Liver
4. Beef Bone
5. Quinoa

Best Freeze-Dried: PrimalGrain-free1. Beef Hearts
2. Beef Livers
3. Ground Beef Bones
4. Organic Carrots
5. Organic Squash

Best Fresh-Frozen: The Farmer’s Dog
Grain-free1. Ground Beef
2. Russet Potatoes
3. Eggs
4. Carrots
5. Peas

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This recipe is:
- MEAT-FREE ❌????
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Featuring all-natural ingredients like:
Cod & Salmon
Sweet Potato
Sunflower Seeds
To learn more about this recipe and to order it for your pup, head to our link in bio! #SpotAndTangoBest Healthy Kibble: Spot & TangoGrain-free
1. Cod
2. Salmon
3. Sweet Potato
4. Pumpkin
5. Sunflower Seeds
Best Canned: Blue BuffaloGrain-inclusive1. Beef
2. Beef Broth
3. Water
4. Chicken Liver
5. Carrots

Yorkshire Terrier Nutritional Needs

Don’t let the small stature of the Yorkie fool you—these little dogs need the same basic nutrition as Great Danes, Pitbulls, and Golden Retrievers.

But, like any other dog breed, the Yorkshire Terrier needs to have protein, fat, and fiber to live a long, happy, and healthy life. Facultative carnivores like all other dog breeds, Yorkie’s do best when their diet contains animal protein and fat mixed with small amounts of fruits and vegetables. 

Yorkshire Terrier Health

Known to live to incredible ages of more than 18–20, Yorkies are generally healthy little dogs when properly cared for. In later life, Yorkies are prone to a number of health conditions, but these can typically be managed with food, lifestyle, and veterinary intervention. 

Some common health issues Yorkies may be prone to include:

  • Dental disease
  • Spinal injuries
  • Patellar luxation & hip dysplasia 
  • Heart disease
  • Tracheal collapse
  • Hypoglycemia 

Dental disease is particularly prevalent in Yorkies, who may need veterinary tooth cleanings and extractions later in life. Dental disease isn’t just uncomfortable—it can fuel heart disease, cause systemic infections and inflammation, and shorten your Yorkies’s lifespan. 

Preventing dental disease isn’t so much about what you feed your dog and more about what you don’t feed your dog. There are a number of opinions on what foods fuel dental disease, with some vets adamantly recommending high-carb kibbles despite their higher glycemic index. 

Carbs—sugars—can both inflame your Yorkshire Terrier’s body, and are more likely to stick in the crevices of your dog’s mouth than low-carb diets. Protein-rich diets are less likely to inflame or enhance dental disease. 

To address possible hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in Yorkies, it’s important to feed them a balanced, biologically appropriate diet. Each option on this list fits that bill. 

Key Nutrients for Yorkshire Terriers

It’s not possible to prevent or cure illness or disease in your Yorkie with diet alone, but you can give your pup the best chance of a healthy life. Part of ensuring your dog’s diet is balanced is making sure they are getting the right micronutrients for their needs. To address some of the common health problems Yorkies have, we recommend finding the best dog food for yorkies that are high in the following vitamins and minerals. 

B Vitamins– Anti-inflammatory- Supports muscle and joint health– Eggs- Fish- Goat milk- Liver- Red meat
Chondroitin– Supports tracheal health- Supports joint health– Fish- Poultry and bird cartilage – Pork cartilage
Glucosamine– Supports tracheal health- Supports joint health– Beef trachea- Green lipped mussels
Leucine– Supports muscle and bone health- Supports heart health– Beef- Sardines- Eggs
Magnesium– Supports heart health– Bones- Beef- Fish- Beef organs- Spinach- Kale- Potatoes
Potassium– Supports muscle function- Supports heart health– Salmon- Potatoes- Sweet potatoes- Spinach
Omega-3 Fatty Acids– Supports cartilage health (spine and joint health)– Flaxseed- Mackerel- Pumpkin seed oil- Salmon- Sardines
Vitamin C– Anti-inflammatory- Supports muscle and joint health– Blueberries- Carrots- Kale- Pumpkin- Kelp- Sweet potatoes
Vitamin E– Anti-inflammatory- Supports muscle and joint health- Supports heart health– Beef- Beef organs- Eggs- Salmon- Spinach

In some cases, your vet might suggest adding extra meal toppers or nutrients to your Yorkies food. For example, many people like to add green-lipped mussels or extra omega-3 oils. These can be purchased at most pet stores, online, and at some veterinary offices. 

6 Best Dog Foods For Yorkies

This list includes only high-quality dog foods formulated by vets and canine nutritionists. Made from whole ingredients with zero filler, each of these foods is high-protein with a perfect balance of fat, fiber, moisture, and micronutrients. 

Whether you want to feed your Yorkies raw food, they like crunchy kibbles, or you want the convenience of canned wet food, you’ll find an option on this list. 

1. Best Raw: We Feed Raw Beef Patty

Best Dog Food for yorkies

We Feed Raw has a handful of amazing raw formulas made from different proteins. The beef recipe is one of our favorites for a Yorkie since beef contains many of the nutrients your dog needs. High in leucine, magnesium, and vitamin E, beef is especially good for maintaining healthy muscles and joints. We Feed Raw also includes a healthy portion of bone and organ meats. 

If your Yorkie already has tender teeth or missing teeth, raw diets are a nice option since they won’t need to chew. Completely free of complex carbohydrates, We Feed Raw’s blends also won’t contribute to dental decay. This is why We Feed Raw tops our list as the best dog food for Yorkies.

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First 5 IngredientsBeef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, Beef Necks (with bone), WFR vitamin + mineral mix (contains Flaxseed, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin E Supplement, and more)
Food TypeRaw, grain-free
Guaranteed Analysis (crude)12.2 % Protein – 10% Fat – 1% Fiber – 68.8% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsFeed 4.8 oz per day or 2.4 oz per meal*
Cost Per Meal$0.98 per meal* – $32.99 for 5 lbs

What Reviewers Say:

est Air-Dried: Sundays For Dogs Beef Recipe

Sundays For dogs woman pouring into bowl

Notoriously picky, Yorkies are sometimes bigger fans of their treats than their food! If you struggle to get your Yorkie to eat their food, but they love treats, they’ll probably love Sundays For Dogs. Air-dried in small pieces that look, taste, and feel like jerky, Sundays For Dogs can also be used as training treats if you’re working on teaching your Yorkie new tricks, or they just deserve an extra snack at the end of a long hard day of naps. 

Other than the delicious recipe, we think Sundays For Dogs deserves consideration for best food for Yorkies thanks to the turmeric to reduce inflammation, blueberries for antioxidant and immune support, and tart cherries to protect the joints. 

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First 5 IngredientsBeef, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Bone, Quinoa
Food TypeAir-dried, grain-inclusive
Guaranteed Analysis (crude)30% Protein – 20% Fat – 4% Fiber – 15% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsFeed ⅓ cup per day, or 2.75 tablespoons per meal*
Cost Per Meal$0.75 per meal* – $209.99 for 46.5 cups

What Reviewers Say:

3. Best Freeze-Fried: Primal Raw Beef Nuggets

Best Dog Food for yorkies Primal Raw Beef Nuggets

Primal makes freeze-dried raw food, which is basically just raw dog food with the moisture removed. To serve, simply break up the nuggets and rehydrate them with a few tablespoons of warm water. It takes just a few minutes, and choosing raw in this format eliminates the need for you to keep your dog’s food frozen. 

For Yorkies, we love that Primal’s beef formula contains beef hearts and livers, B vitamins, magnesium, and vitamin E. This recipe also includes carrots for vitamin C, fish oil for omega-3s, and a plethora of other healthy veggies. 

First 5 IngredientsBeef Hearts, Beef Livers, Ground Beef Bones, Organic Carrots, Organic Squash
Food TypeFreeze-dried raw, grain-free
Guaranteed Analysis (crude)34% Protein – 36% Fat – 8% Fiber – 3% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsFeed 4 nuggets per day or 2 nuggets per meal*
Cost Per Meal$1.35 per meal* – 14 oz bag contains approximately 48 nuggets and costs $32.28

What Reviewers Say:

4. Best Fresh-Frozen: The Farmer’s Dog

For the Yorkie who refuses to eat anything but human food there’s The Farmer’s Dog! Cooked fresh then flash frozen to lock in freshness, The Farmer’s Dog’s recipes are made from whole ingredients you can actually see. We love the beef mash recipe for Yorkie since it contains ground beef with lots of key nutrients, potatoes for magnesium and potassium, and eggs for B vitamins, leucine, and vitamin E.

You’ll receive custom feeding instructions for your pooch and can get recommendations for different formulas based on your Yorkie’s unique characteristics. 

First 5 IngredientsGround Beef, Russet Potatoes, Eggs, Carrots, Peas
Food TypeFresh-frozen, grain-free
Guaranteed Analysis (crude)8% Protein – 4% Fat – 1% Fiber – 77% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsFeeding instructions customized by NomNom based on your dog’s specific information.
Cost Per MealMeals start at around $2.50 per day, but pricing is customized for your dog’s needs.

What Reviewers Say:

5. Best Healthy Kibble: Spot & Tango UnKibble

Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas - Spot & Tango UnKibble
Source: @SpotAndTango

Unlike typical kibble, UnKibble from Spot & Tango is wheat, corn, and soy free! Less carb-heavy than classic kibble, UnKibble is much better for your Yorkie’s teeth, and it tastes better, too. We love the cod and salmon recipe since salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This formula also includes sweet potatoes and pumpkin for extra potassium and vitamin C. 

Spot & Tango will help you figure out your dog’s serving size, and will even send a custom scoop designed to perfectly portion out your Yorkie’s food. Easily the best dry dog food for a Yorkie, Spot & Tango has two other delicious recipes for you to try. 

First 5 IngredientsCod, Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Sunflower Seeds
Food TypeKibble, grain-free
Guaranteed Analysis (crude)29.67% Protein – 22.06% Fat – 1.15% Fiber – 3.82% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsFeeding instructions customized by Spot & Tango based on your dog’s specific information.
Cost Per Meal$1.44 per meal* – $40.44 for two weeks of food

What Reviewers Say:

6. Best Canned: Blue Buffalo Small Breed Prime Rib in Gravy Delights

Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas - Blue Buffalo Small Breed Prime Rib in Gravy Delights

When you have a dog as small as a Yorkie, it can take a while to get through a whole can of dog food. To make life a little easier, Blue Buffalo has created a line of small-breed wet food in 3.5-ounce bowls that are just the right portion size for an itty-bitty dog. 

Made from a beef base for a healthy dose of leucine, magnesium, and vitamin E, this wet dog food also features chicken liver, carrots, peas, and other healthy ingredients to round out the meal. 

First 5 IngredientsBeef, Beef Broth, Water, Chicken Liver, Carrots
Food TypeWet, grain-inclusive
Guaranteed Analysis (crude)8% Protein – 3% Fat – 1.5% Fiber – 82% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsFeed 2 bowls per day or 1 bowl per meal*
Cost Per Meal$1.29 per meal* – $15.53 for (12) 3.5-ounce bowls

What Reviewers Say:

*Feeding instructions and cost analysis based on calculations for a 5lb adult Yorkie with an average activity level.

Best Food for Yorkies FAQ

Do you have more questions about the best Yorkie foods on the market? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from Yorkie owners like you. 

What should I feed a picky Yorkie?

If your Yorkie is picky, they’re probably sick of eating dry, carb-heavy food. Brands like We Feed Raw, Primal, and Blue Buffalo are great for meat-obsessed dogs. NomNom basically tastes like human food, so it’s great for Yorkie’s who have a taste for sandwiches. For Yorkie’s who enjoy the crunch of kibble but not the taste, Spot & Tango’s UnKibble is packed with flavor. 

What should I not feed my Yorkie?

Human food! The human diet is too high in saturated fat, salt, and seasonings, and it’s just not appropriate for a dog. Yorkies are especially at risk for poor diets and are notoriously fed human food since they’re so small. 

You should also avoid toxic foods for dogs like chocolate, garlic, onions, etc.

Do Yorkies need a special diet?

No, Yorkies don’t need a breed-specific diet, but they do need the right balance of nutrients. Small-breed dog food is sometimes recommended by vets, but most small breeds can eat regular dog food without an issue. 

What is the best homemade food for Yorkies?

While you can make your own dog food at home, creating a completely balanced diet is quite time intensive and can be expensive. You should also consult with a vet or canine nutritionist before trying to make dog food at home. Nutrient deficiencies can be detrimental to your dog’s health, so never try to formulate dog food at home without professional help. 

What is the best food for Yorkie with no teeth?

Soft dog foods that require little chewing are the best options for Yorkies with no teeth. Raw foods like We Feed Raw and Primal are nice options, since they’re basically just mush. Blue Buffalos canned foods have a pate texture and are also easy to eat without teeth. 

Should I put my Yorkie on a diet plan?

Unless your Yorkie is overweight, suffering from a specific health condition, or has allergies, they should not be put on a diet. Your vet will be able to tell you if your dog requires a new diet, less or more food, or prescription dog food.

Be sure you are taking your dog to the vet at least once a year to consult with them about your dog’s nutritional needs.

What is the best wet food for a Yorkie puppy?

Blue Buffalo’s small breed dog food will work for a Yorkie puppy, but it’s not specifically formulated for growing dogs. Sticking with Blue Buffalo, we think that their canned puppy food is a contender for the best dog food for Yorkie puppies. 

What is the best dog food for Yorkie Terrier mixes?

Yorkie Terrier mixes will have many of the same needs as a purebred Yorkie and would do well on any of the dog food brands listed above.