Oprah’s $30 Million Canine Heirs: Inside the Lavish Lives of Her Fur Babies!

Celebrities are just like us! Okay, maybe not exactly like us, but even A-listers and billionaires love their dogs. Some celebrities love dogs so much they end up with more than just two or three, and treat their packs like total royalty. 

Let’s meet seven celebrities (and celebrity couples) that are major dog people, and have collected five or more canines to join their families. 

1. Oprah Winfrey — 5 Dogs

Oprah Winfrey is deeply dedicated to her five dogs, and has been quoted saying “Dogs? What dogs? These are my fur children, and they always make me feel happier and more human.” Oprah’s current pack of dogs includes two Springer Spaniels (Sunny and Lauren), one Cocker Spaniel (Sadie), and two Golden Retrievers (Luke and Layla.) These dogs are seen from left to right above! Over the years, Oprah has welcomed at least 20 dogs into her home and has been a vocal advocate for pet adoption.

In the world of celebrity opulence, Oprah Winfrey’s love for her canine companions takes a particularly extravagant turn. Rumors have swirled that Oprah has set aside a staggering $30 million in her will for the care of her beloved dogs. This extraordinary gesture underscores not just her immense wealth, but also the depth of her affection for her pets. If true, this inheritance would ensure that her five dogs continue to live in the lap of luxury, enjoying the highest standards of care, comfort, and pampering that they’ve grown accustomed to under Oprah’s roof.

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This move, while unconfirmed, wouldn’t be entirely out of character for Oprah, who has often spoken about her dogs with endearing warmth, referring to them as her ‘fur children.’ Such a bequest would be a testament to her belief in the profound bond between humans and their animal companions, and a reflection of her commitment to animal welfare and advocacy.

Would you leave anything to your dogs? 

2. Chrissy Teigen & John Legend — 6 Dogs

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend lead busy lives with three kids, busy careers, and six dogs! The couple is committed to advocating for animal rights and adoption, and have rescued most of their dogs. True parts of the family, you can see the pups on both Chrissy and John’s Instagrams just as much as you see their kiddos. 

Currently, their pack includes Pearl (Basset Hound), Pebbles (mixed breed), Petey (Standard Poodle), Penny (French Bulldog), and Puey and Pepper (English Bulldogs.)

3. Miley Cyrus — 9 Dogs


Former child star and current pop sensation Miley Cyrus loves animals, and especially loves her canine companions! Having had many dogs throughout her lifetime, Miley currently has nine pooches, most of whom are adopted or rescued. 

Miley’s pack of nine includes a Collie named Emu, Pitbull mixes Mary Jane and Milky, a Chihuahua mix named Bean, a small mutt named Penny Lane, a Beagle (Barbie), and a Beagle mix (Happy), a Bulldog named Kate Moss, and a Shepherd mix named Bo. 

Barbie, a purebred Beagle, was adopted by Miley in 2016 from an animal testing facility. 

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4. Ariana Grande — 12 Dogs

Ariana Grande has a serious passion for adopting animals and has even gotten involved from the other side by starting an animal rescue called Orange Twins Rescue. Orange Twins Rescue helps rehome dogs, cats, and even PIGS—of which Ariana has one whose name is Piggy Smallz. 

Currently, Ariana Grande’s home also includes 12 dogs: Strauss (Terrier mix), Ophelia (Labradoodle), Toulouse (Beagle x Chihuahua mix), Cinnamon (American Pitbull Terrier), Coco (Dachshund x German Shepherd mix), Fawkes (Shiba Inu), Sirius (Poodle mix), Lafayette (Bloodhound), Myron (Pitbull mix), Pignoli (Chihuahua), and Snape and Lily (Basset Hounds.)

5. Snoop Dogg — 11

A-List Celebs Are Completely Dog Obsessed! - Snoop dogg
Source: The Paws 

Like many A-list celebrities, Snoop Dogg likes to keep his private life, well, private, so it’s hard to pin down exactly how many dogs he currently has. We know for certain that Snoop is a huge fan of dogs, and has at one point had upwards of eleven dogs in his home. Snoop Dogg especially loves Pitbulls—the breed he has owned the longest—but his pack also includes French Bulldogs, Labradoodles, and a Cane Corso. 

Juelz (pictured above) is Snoop’s most famous dog, and even has his own Instagram account where he gets to show off his lavish life. 

6. Paris Hilton — 13 Dogs

Source: @HiltonPets

Paris Hilton has been carrying tiny dogs with her on red carpets and pretty much everywhere else for decades and even helped to popularize Chihuahuas. A well-known dog lover and animal advocate, Paris Hilton even has a miniature mansion in her backyard for her beloved pups.

Currently, Paris Hilton has 13 dogs including two teacup Pomeranians (Princess Paris Jr. and Prince Hilton), five Pomeranians (Marilyn Monroe, Baby Bear, Crypto Hilton, Ether Reum, and Baby Luv), three Chihuahuas (Prada, Peter Pan, and Dolce), a Pug named Mugsy, a Miniature Pinscher named Dollar, and a Pomsky named Slivington. Getting a photo of all baker’s dozen of dogs is a difficult task, so the photo above contains just a handful of Paris’ dogs. 

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7. Sharon Osbourne — 14

Sharon Osbourne and her husband—the famous lead singer of Black Sabbath—are well-known dog lovers and have always had at least half a dozen pups roaming around their home. At present, the couple has 13 or 14 dogs, many of whom sleep in their bed at night!

The Osbourne dog pack includes four Pomeranians (Bella, Flick, Moe, and Pickle,) one Pomsky named Elvis, one Swedish Lapphund named Pip, and eight mixed breed dogs (Alfie, Charlie, Reba, Pepsi, Dolly, Daisy, Wesley, Zippy.)

Sharon’s most famous dog, Minnie, passed away in 2008 but became an international sensation after starring alongside the human Osbournes in their early 2000s reality TV show.

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