Celebrity Dog Quiz. How Many Can You Get Right?

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 Which celebrity dog has its own Instagram account with over 200,000 followers?

 Lady Gaga’s French bulldog, Asia, who goes by the handle @missasiakinney

Which celebrity couple adopted a black Labrador retriever named Pula in 2018?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who named their dog after the currency of Botswana, where they had their first date.

Which celebrity dog appeared onscreen with its owner in the movie Funny Face?

 Audrey Hepburn’s Yorkshire terrier, Mr. Famous, who also accompanied her to many Hollywood events.

Which celebrity dog passed away in January 2021 and was honored with a song by its owner?

 Miley Cyrus’s pit bull mix, Mary Jane, who had been diagnosed with cancer

 Which celebrity launched a line of fluffy dog sweaters that are worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton? A: 

Christian Cowan, who collaborated with Max-Bone to create the colorful and cozy collection

Which celebrity dog was given to its owner by Ellen DeGeneres as a birthday gift?

A: Jennifer Aniston’s schnauzer mix, Sophie, who joined her other dog, Clyde, in 2012.

Which celebrity dog has a TikTok account with 3.5 million followers?

A: Charli D’Amelio’s dogs, Rebel, Dixie, Cali, and Chloe, who share the account @dameliodogpack2.

 Which celebrity dog was named after a frozen yogurt shop in Bloomingdale’s

Kylie Jenner’s Italian greyhound, Norman, who was inspired by the iconic Forty Carrots4.

 Which celebrity dog is the patron of the charity Dogs Trust, which helps homeless dogs find new owners?

Camilla Parker Bowles’s Jack Russell terrier, Beth, who was adopted from the charity in 2017.

Which famous actress had a dog named Tinkerbell, who became a celebrity in her own right?

Paris Hilton is the famous actress who owned a dog named Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell gained her own celebrity status due to her association with Paris Hilton.

Which iconic fashion designer was known for his dog, a bull terrier named Choupette?

arl Lagerfeld, the iconic fashion designer, was known for his dog Choupette, a bull terrier. Choupette became quite famous and even had her own social media presence.

Which legendary actor owned a dog named Brando, who frequently accompanied him on film sets?

Marlon Brando, the legendary actor, owned a dog named Brando. This loyal companion often accompanied him on film sets during his career.

Which popular talk show host is known for her love of dogs and owns a cocker spaniel named Sadie?

Ellen DeGeneres, the popular talk show host, is known for her love of dogs. She owns a cocker spaniel named Sadie, who is often seen with her.

Which former First Lady of the United States owned a dog named Bo, who was a Portuguese Water Dog?

Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States, owned a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo. Bo became a beloved member of the Obama family during their time in the White House.

Which comedic actor has a dog named Gary, who has become a popular fixture in his social media posts?

Jim Carrey, the comedic actor, has a dog named Gary. Gary has become a popular fixture in Carrey’s social media posts, delighting his fans.

Which celebrities are involved in animal activism? (partial list)

Ian Somerhalder
Alicia Silverstone
Patrick Stewart
Leonardo DiCaprio
Casey Affleck
Gillian Anderson
Joaquin Phoenix
Kristen Bell

Which celebrities have rescued pitbulls

????Miley Cyrus rescued a pit bull named Mary Jane the day she was going to be put down.
????Andy Cohen rescued his dog Wacha from a kill shelter in West Virginia.
????Justin Hartley rescued his dogs Memphis and Gracie from a shelter.
????Jenna Dewan Tatum rescued her dogs Meeka and Lulu from a shelter.
????Lori Loughlin rescued her dog Splash from a shelter.
????Jane Lynch rescued her dogs Bernice and Millie from a shelter.
????Beth Stern rescued her dog Yoda from a shelter.

Which Presidents did NOT have a dog while living in the white house.

1. President Donald Trump
2. William McKinley (He did have kittens, parrots and roosters)
3. President Truman did not have a pet in the White House.