This Dog Was Paralyzed, Stiff As A Board And Couldn’t Move, Until This Happens!

Video Transcript

“She was outstretched. It would be like touching a coffee table of sorts.”

Rocky Kanaka:

Bunny was diagnosed with Tetanus which can lead to full paralysis and stiffness. But thank goodness, Ali, who is a vet, jumped in right away to help.

Puppy Can't Move

Ali Thompson (Veterinarian):

I was working one day and one of the front desk receptionists rushed back a very lifeless puppy. They put her on the table and it was an emergency situation. She has some very classical hallmark signs, what we call like a sardonic grin. Her ears were pinned back, her lips were pinned back. She couldn’t open up her mouth. She was extremely an extremely severe case. And we came up with, you know, a mutual goal that was to allow her a chance to survive. Giving me that opportunity to give her that chance.

Every hour to two hours, we had to give her injections of antibiotics, sedatives, any source of light or noise can set them off into more violent seizures. And I kept a little sleep mask on her for about two, two and a half weeks.

Rocky Kanaka:

Dogs just like us, they can get overwhelmed, they can get anxiety. That’s why a blindfold is so important. It helped Bunny really stay calm and not worry about everything that was going on around her that she couldn’t control.

Puppy Can't Move


I mean, my husband or I were in there probably every 20 minutes, you know, rotating her body position, giving her massages, bathing her. It was really, really involved.

It was the greatest feeling, and it was the first time that since I set eyes on that dog that I was truly happy seeing her like that. It just made everything feel like, you know, the pain that she experienced and that we secondarily experienced with her made me realize I had made the right decision for her.

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Rocky Kanaka:

It’s people like Ali that say, I will not give up on this dog. I’ll do whatever it takes. And it’s dogs like Bunny that provide inspiration, that teaches to live in the moment. And the best part of the story is yet to come.

Puppy that Couldn't Move, healed


Yeah, I think just slowly, one day my husband and I looked at each other. I was like, I think she’s, she’s ours now. She’s full of pure joy. She’s the epitome of a survivor. I know. She knows where she’s been and what she’s walked through and who’s walked through it with her. You can tell she’s, she’s very, very grateful.

Rocky Kanaka:

I knew I had to do something for Bunny. Now I’m a pet chef and I bake cakes for dogs in my bakery, The Dog Bakery. So I knew that I wanted to make a very special cake for Bunny. And if there’s any dog that deserves a dog cake, it’s her.

the dog bakery cake


If you’re looking at an animal that needs work, sometimes they just need time and, you know, remain hopeful and positive. Um, I’m actually a childhood cancer survivor. Doctors didn’t think I would be here to tell my story. When I look at my patients, I see a little bit of myself in them, and I wanna give them that chance that I had.

Rocky Kanaka:

I love sharing these stories and I want to tell more. If you’d love to be a part of this, this family, just become a supporter. Hit that support button. And if you love Bunny’s story as much as I do, and you believe in animal rescue, please share this. Let’s spread the message that every dog deserves a loving home.

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