Lilac French Bulldogs Aren’t Just Rare, They’re Expensive! Guess How Much They Cost?

“Lilac” is a rare, desirable, designer French Bulldog color akin to blue. Lilac is a dusty, almost silvery diluted color with hints of liver and gray. Not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, lilac French Bulldogs are the result of new breeding programs that emphasize unique colors and rare patterns. 

Undeniably beautiful little dogs, lilac French Bulldogs are just like any other Frenchie, just with a fancier coat. In this guide, you’ll get all the info you need to easily point out a lilac French Bulldog when you see one, plus details on the breed and where to find one of your own. 

Meet 6 Lilac French Bulldogs

Let’s get started by taking a look at a few lilac Frenchies! French Bulldogs can be a solid lilac, or feature lilac in a patterned or multicolored coat. Because lilac French Bulldogs aren’t officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, there aren’t many rules for exactly what a lilac Frenchie needs to look like. As you browse these pictures, you’ll notice that there’s a decent amount of variation between individual lilac French Bulldogs. 

1. Clover the Blue French Bulldog

Clover the Blue French Bulldog
Source: @Clover_Frenchie

Clover is a Blue French Bulldog puppy from western Australia who has already mastered looking adorable on a leash at just a few months old. Clover might be small, but she’s a mischief maker that loves to get into just about everything! Because lilac Frenchies are carrying a dilute gene, many of them will have light eyes—Clover is a great example of this and her eyes are a gorgeous sky blue.

2. Luna the Lilac Merle French Bulldog

Luna the Lilac Merle French Bulldog
Source: @Luna_The_Frenchie2023

Because lilac is a color, it can also be combined with different patterns, like merle! Merle French Bulldogs need to carry one copy of the merle gene, two copies of the dilution gene that lightens lilac Frenchies as they age, plus parents of the correct colors to produce lilac—usually blue and chocolate. All this to say: lilac merle Frenchies aren’t exactly common!

Luna the lilac merle French Bulldog is an absolute beauty, but her humans say she doesn’t care if she’s a pretty dog or not, she thinks she’s a person!

We absolutely love Luna, but if you want a dog that looks like her, you should be aware of something called “double merle.” Lilac merle French Bulldogs need to have a copy of the merle gene to get that beautiful pattern, but it’s important that they don’t inherit two copies of the gene. Double merle dogs are often born with serious health and developmental issues like deafness, blindness, abnormally developed eyes, and more. 

Ethical breeders will never pair two parent dogs that both carry the merle gene, which can make breeding merle puppies a difficult and lengthy process. This makes the lilac merle French Bulldog rarer and more expensive than other color/pattern combinations. 

3. Spiffy the Lilac Long-Haired French Bulldog

Spiffy the Lilac Long-Haired French Bulldog
Source: @YouWinnieSome

Did you know that there are long-haired French Bulldogs? This fluffy Frenchie is Spiffy—a particularly athletic French Bulldog who loves to go hiking, spend time with his family, and enjoy a good snuggle! Spiffy is mostly white with lilac patches, but we’re getting distracted by that big smile and can’t focus on what color he is…

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4. Evo the Lilac & Tan French Bulldog

Evo the Lilac & Tan French Bulldog
Source: @Evo_The_Frenchie

Don’t let the grass in his mouth fool you—Evo is no cow, he’s a lilac and tan French Bulldog! Evo’s dad is a tattoo artist, and sometimes Evo gets to go into his studio for a good long nap—when he’s not working, Evo is out on the town, enjoying nature, or snuggling up for a cozy evening in. 

5. Whisper the Lilac French Bulldog

Whisper the Lilac French Bulldog
Source: @Whisper.And.Winnie

Whisper is a gorgeous solid lilac French Bulldog whose fur looks almost like crushed velvet! A three-year-old who lives in Alberta, Canada, Whisper would spend all her time in the sunshine-filled yard if she could.

6. Nardo the Lilac Brindle French Bulldog

Nardo the Lilac Brindle French Bulldog
Source: @Nardo_Lilac_Brindle_Frenchie

Nardo is a stunning, tiger-striped lilac brindle French Bulldog with a chill, laid-back attitude! Brindle Frenchies look similar to merle French Bulldogs, but breeding them doesn’t run the risk of producing puppies with health issues. 

Lilac French Bulldog Basic Info

Other than being a rare color, lilac French Bulldogs are no different from other Frenchies! These adorable little balls of sweetness have become a super popular breed worldwide, but they aren’t for everyone. Frenchies are notoriously expensive—not just to purchase initially, but to care for long-term. French Bulldogs are prone to illness, accidents, and eating things they shouldn’t, and many Frenchie owners find themselves spending more at the vet than they would like. 

If you can manage their needs, Frenchies are super fun family dogs and can make loving companions to both humans and other pups. If you’ve been considering getting a lilac French Bulldog of your own, definitely read this section before you make your final decision. 

Lilac French Bulldog Temperament

French Bulldogs are often described as being little “clowns”, and have goofy, playful, social personalities. Happy to be the center of attention, lilac Frenchies are often outgoing and eager to please or attract praise

Sometimes stubborn, French Bulldogs are not easy to train but are easily bribed with praise, treats, and other positive reinforcement. Because of their stubborn nature, Frenchies can sometimes be mischievous and independent, prone to going off on their own to investigate their surroundings. 

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“I have two male [French Bulldogs]! The first year we had them in an apartment and they did not do well house training there. Once we moved into a house they were just fine so if you have a house with a yard it’ll be easier,” says a Reddit user in their comment on a thread about the “truth” about Frenchies. “They are pretty stubborn. They have what people jokingly call selective hearing, they listen when they want to.”

Some French Bulldogs also have a streak of reactivity, which makes it especially important to socialize these pups early with both humans and other dogs. 

“Most Frenchies are very food-driven, so training ‘in’ behavior is only really limited to how much time you put in. Our two little Frenchies would both know about 30-40 words (commands, tricks and objects/toys by name),” says another comment from a French Bulldog owner on the same thread. “Training ‘out’ behavior can be very challenging. Generally, it’s easier to just completely adjust your life around their little antics.” 

Lilac French Bulldog Size

Lilac French Bulldog

Full-grown lilac French Bulldogs stand around 11–13 inches at the shoulder and weigh 16–28 pounds. Small but muscular and dense, Frenchies are often heavier than they look and are very solid little dogs. 

Lilac French Bulldog Health

Lilac French Bulldogs are prone to the same health issues as all other French Bulldogs, particularly respiratory problems like asthma, allergies, heat sensitivity, etc. Some other health problems commonly found in French Bulldogs include:

  • Eye and vision problems
  • Allergies 
  • Skin infections
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia 
  • Patellar luxation
  • Ear infections
  • Food allergies
  • GI issues

Lilac and blue French Bulldogs may also be susceptible to a color-specific health issue called “blue dog alopecia” or “color diluting alopecia.” This condition causes bald patches, irritated skin, dull fur, and dryness, but is not life-threatening and can be treated. 

Where To Buy a Lilac French Bulldog Puppy

The best place to buy a lilac French Bulldog is from a reputable breeder. Start by talking to other Frenchie owners to learn more about where they got their dogs, or search reputable breeder databases. 

Remember, there’s also the option to adopt! Visit your local shelter, check out breed-specific rescues, and keep an eye on online rescue resources. 

Lilac French Bulldog FAQ

Have more questions about the lilac Frenchie? Here are our answers to some common queries from readers like you.

Are lilac French Bulldogs rare?

Sort of. Lilac is not a recognized or breed-standard color, but pet owners have fallen in love with the color and put these dogs in high demand. Because it can require some trial and error to begin producing lilac Frenchies, these dogs are less common than standard French Bulldog colors like fawn, black, and blue.

What’s the difference between lilac and blue French Bulldogs?

Lilac and blue are closely related, and you cannot breed a lilac French Bulldog without blue genetics. Most lilac Frenchies are a combination of blue and chocolate parents with a dilute gene—which lightens their fur over time—sprinkled in. If you’re wondering how to breed a lilac French Bulldog, there’s your answer! 

Because of this, you’ll definitely notice that blue and lilac Frenchies are similar, and easily mistaken for each other if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here is a side-by-side of a lilac Frenchie and a Blue Frenchie to give you a clearer picture—no pun intended—of the difference between the two. 

Sources: @Pixie_TheFrench1e and @HormonTheFrench

See how similar the colors are? The biggest difference is that the blue French bulldog (left) is darker than the lilac Frenchie (right). 

What’s the difference between lilac and lilac fawn French Bulldogs?

Lilac French Bulldogs are also sometimes called “blue lilac” French Bulldogs because they are essentially a diluted version of the blue French Bulldog. The term “lilac” can also be used to refer to Frenchies in other colors that have the same dilution gene as blue lilac French Bulldogs. These colors include lilac fawn (a light, silvery tan) and lilac platinum French Bulldogs (a light, cool-toned cream color.) 

Let’s take a look at all three lilac colors starting with blue lilac:

Source: @FrenchiesFinn.And.MJ

Now let’s take a look at a lilac fawn Frenchie:

Source: @Tofu.Lil_Frenchie

And finally, a gorgeous lilac platinum French Bulldog:

Source: @Peach_TheFrenchBulldog 

Does the American Kennel Club recognize lilac French Bulldogs?

No, lilac is not formally recognized or accepted under the breed standard set by the American Kennel Club. 

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