8 Toys French Bulldogs Go Crazy For

French Bulldogs might have a lazy reputation, but Frenchie owners will tell you that they’re more energetic than you think! Frenchies love to play with toys, chew, and solve puzzles, so it’s important to give them plenty of options to keep them busy. Believe it or not, giving your French Bulldog toys can also help to reduce anxiety, prevent destructive behaviors, and even benefit your Frenchie’s teeth!

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained

Here, we’ve gathered eight Frenchie-approved dog toy suggestions, and are sharing tips to keep your French Bulldog entertained. 

Why Are Toys Important for French Bulldogs?

So, why do Frenchies need toys in the first place? Though they’ll keep your Frenchie entertained, that’s not their only purpose. Toys actually play an important role in your pup’s mental and physical well-being, keeping them active and entertained. So, what are some of the biggest reasons that toys are important for French Bulldogs?

Toys Provide Mental Stimulation

Frenchies are smart and curious, and they need to exercise their brains regularly. Entertaining dog toys, especially puzzles, are a great way to prevent boredom, depression, and destructive habits, as well as encourage them to learn problem-solving skills.

Toys Provide Physical Stimulation

Like all Bulldog breeds, Frenchies love chewing. They’re always looking for something to gnaw on, and if they don’t have a non-destructive outlet, they tend to pick out a new chew toy for themselves. Toys allow them to exercise their natural chewing instincts, saving them from pent-up energy and anxiety.

Toys are Great Training Aids

Frenchies love to play, and when a new toy is on the bargaining table, they’ll be more than happy to learn whatever they need to, so training will be a breeze!

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained

Toys Provide Relief

Your Frenchie needs plenty of physical and mental stimulation, and without it, they’re prone to depression and anxiety. Mentally and physically engaging toys are the best way to prevent this, allowing them to relieve any pent-up stress and energy.

Toys Help Build Strong Bonds

Dogs love playing with their humans, and Frenchies are no exception. Aside from your standard dog toys, it also helps to have a few toys that allow you and your pup to play together. These play sessions will help you and your dog to grow closer while also getting in some physical activity.

What To Look for in Toys for French Bulldogs

What are the best toys for French Bulldogs, and how do you know what to look for to find them? Try to find toys that

  • Are made of safe, durable materials
  • Provide some kind of puzzle or mental challenge
  • Meet your Frenchie’s exercise needs
  • Are appropriate for your Frenchie’s age and activity level
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French Bulldog Exercise Needs

French Bulldogs may be small, but they’re full of energy and may need more exercise than you think. You should try to get in at least 20-45 minutes of exercise or active play every day, but go for a bit more if you have the time. This time can include anything from walks to playing tug-of-war as long as your pup is getting up and getting moving.

Best Toys for French Bulldogs

With all the great options out there, it’s difficult to say which toys are best for Frenchies, but we’ve picked out 8 of our favorites. We think your pup will love each of these toys, so feel free to try them out!

1. BarkBox

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained / BarkBox

Buy From Bark Box | $20 per month

If your Frenchie is always looking for new toys, BarkBox is just what they need! BarkBox delivers new toys and treats every month, so with a customized bundle, your pup will never be bored again! Though there’s a bit of randomness to what you receive, high quality is always a given, giving you the best bang for your buck.

2. Hifrenchies Dog IQ Treat & Mental Stimulation Ball

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained

Buy From Amazon | $15.95

This fun, engaging puzzle ball gives your Frenchie something to chase, a puzzle to work through, and the promise of a tasty treat all in one. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and perfect for keeping your Frenchie entertained!

3. Frisco Guacamole Hide & Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained

Buy From Chewy | $9.19

This plush toy is great to begin with, but it has a secret: there are actually three more toys inside! All you have to do is hide the extra toys in their cubbies and let your Frenchie start searching! Squeakers in each toy will keep your pup engaged, encouraging them to solve the puzzle.

4. Tooth Cleaning Treat Dispenser Ball

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained

Buy From Amazon | $8.99

A Frenchie favorite, this nifty little ball gives your Frenchie something to chase after as well as a puzzle to solve. While they’re working on getting the treats out from the grooves, the sawtooth design will help clean their teeth, keeping their mind sharp and encouraging better dental hygiene.

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5. Tennis Tumble

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained

Buy From Wild One | $20

This toy is a bit of a head-scratcher, giving even the smartest Frenchies a tricky, challenging puzzle to solve. Inside the durable rubber exterior is a tennis ball, so once they’ve figured out the mystery, you can reward them with a nice game of fetch! Whether you need to keep your pup occupied while you’re out or want to have some playtime together, this toy is perfect.

6. Interactive Carrot Plush Toy

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained

Buy From Amazon | $30

This interactive plush toy is designed to burn off your Frenchie’s extra energy without leaving the house. You can hide dog treats underneath the carrots to keep them motivated, allowing them to stay mentally and physically engaged, even when they can’t go outside.

7. Triangle Tug

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained

Buy From Amazon | $16

If you’re looking for a toy that your dog can enjoy alone or together with you, the Triangle Tug is a great choice. It’s made with two high-quality, durable materials so your Frenchie can choose which texture they want to gnaw on, and the chain-link design makes it the ultimate tug-of-war toy for whenever you’re together!

8. Dog Plush Toy w. Crinkle Paper

Best Toys to Keep Your French Bulldog Entertained

Buy From Amazon | $13.99

This premium chew toy has everything a Frenchie could want: high-quality materials, a design that allows for tugging while chewing, and a variety of sounds from the built-in squeaker and crinkle paper. It’s perfect for providing your Frenchie with novel and interesting entertainment, especially when you can’t play with them directly.

Which Toys Are Bad for French Bulldogs?

Like all dogs, French Bulldogs should only be given toys specifically designed for dogs. Children’s toys are not an appropriate substitute for dog toys, nor are everyday objects.

Because French Bulldogs are known for their love of destroying and ripping apart their toys, it’s important that they always be supervised with their toys. If you know that your French Bulldog is particularly prone to eating things they shouldn’t, avoid toys with squeakers, fluffy stuffing, or materials that can splinter, crumble, or easily tear. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, every dog is different, so finding the perfect toy for your Frenchie is all about learning what they need and enjoy. Once you’ve found it, however, your pup will be happier and healthier than ever.

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Best Toys for French Bulldogs FAQ

Looking for a quick guide on finding the best toy for your Frenchie? Here are a few of the most common questions we’ve been asked!

How do I keep my French Bulldog entertained?

Make sure they have a variety of toys! Sometimes your Frenchie will want something physically stimulating, but other times they’ll want something mentally engaging. Giving them plenty of toys to choose from allows them to play however they want to at the moment.

What are French Bulldogs’ favorite things?

A Frenchie’s favorite things are toys that satisfy their natural curiosity and chewing instinct, so be sure they have both!

What are good chew toys for Frenchies?

The best chew toys for Frenchies are designed to withstand tugging and tearing. Frenchies tend to pull at whatever they’re chewing, so their toy needs to be very durable.

What are the safest toys for French Bulldogs?

The safest toys are made from materials like nylon and non-toxic rubber, which are safe to chew and are less likely to be a choking hazard.

What are the best teething toys for French Bulldog puppies?

The best teething toys for French Bulldog Puppies are built to last. Your Frenchie will be doing a lot of chewing, so their chew toy has to be durable.

Do you have tips on how to entertain a French Bulldog?

Give them a variety of toys and activities! Frenchies are intelligent, curious, and energetic, so they’re always looking for new ways to have fun.

What are the best toys for French Bulldogs with separation anxiety?

Puzzles and chew toys! By giving them a way to entertain themselves, you can help them alleviate their anxiety and reduce the risk of nervous chewing.

What are the best chew bones for French Bulldogs?

Anything that’s made from safe materials and comes in the right size will work! As always, stick with trusted, high-quality brands.

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